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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tonight's Idol

Rat Pack night? Even though I am a fan of that style of music, would not be in my top 10 choices of genres for this group. Interesting choice for the mentor tonight. Have to say Jamie Fox was way better than Quinton Tarantino. Ain't saying a whole lot, but at least he gave some good musical advice. It's always amazed me that actors who have researched and played a role are considered experts in those fields. Can still remember Sissy Spacek testifying on the plight of farmers before Congress in the 80's all because she played a farmer's wife in a movie. But, I digress...

We interrupt this blog to let you know "Glee" is coming to Fox, just in case you haven't heard, yet. I'm about sick of those commercials. Looks like typical Hollywood stuff: the jocks are keeping the artists of the school down. But, one jock secretly wants to be like them. Suddenly, everyone sees how cool musical/artistic people really are. Wonder if there are a few people in Hollywood with lingering issues from high school? Gee, you think?

And now, back to our show. This is the first year I have not agreed with Simon most of the time. Maybe they sound different on stage than through my TV. Anyway, here are my rankings for tonight:

  1. Allison Iraheta - Had goosebumps when she was done singing. Have repeatedly said she is the best singer in this competition but agree with Simon she may be in trouble because people just don't get her. Can't help but wonder if he said she was in trouble to trick people into voting for her. He's been known to do that in reverse. Remember how he tricked people into not voting for Sanjaya by saying how good he was the week he finally went home? Can only hope;

  2. Adam Lambert - Before the montage with Jamie, thought there was no way he could screech this week. Silly me. This was the first week there was any hint of criticism by the judges with the "too theatrical and dramatic" comments from Randy. Loved Simon's response of "Saying he's theatrical is like saying cows moo." Purty funny;

  3. Kris Allen - Nothing really stuck out tonight so don't really have a comment one way or the other. If it was based totally on performance, he'd probably be in trouble based on this and the fact he was first tonight. But, I think his overall "cuteness" factor will pull him through this week;

  4. Danny Gokey - Two questions: How could the people in front clap overhead like they were at a Motley Crue concert? And, did you see Kara's face when he was finished? Looked like she was in pain. But, she followed the script and talked about how great he was this week. All of them did. Don't know. Maybe they heard a different performance than me. Which leads to...

  5. Matt Giraud - He may have been the most emotionally attached singer, but the singing was not good at all, especially compared to the other four. Can see why he got a B in jazz class. Barney Fife was emotionally attached to the songs he sang but he still couldn't sing a lick. Matt can sing better than Barney, but I think his remarkable resemblance to Justin Timberlake is the only thing which has kept him from being voted out more than the one time. Maybe Simon was trying that reverse psychology thing again. Hmmmmmm.

Think the Chosen Two will stay out of the bottom three which leaves Kris, Matt and Allison. If America was actually listening, Matt will be going home. But, I fear Allison may be the one to leave, which may not be a bad thing for her in the long run. Don't think the Idol folks would know what to do with her and she would fade into oblivion very quickly. If someone else decides to work with her, she would have a better chance of actually making it. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

On a different note (pardon the pun), if you are not a Deadliest Catch fan, highly suggest you catch the repeat of tonight's show later in the week. Very emotionally riveting. Realized was so wrapped up in the show I had not moved once during the entire first segment of the show. Good stuff.

Thanks for your time.

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