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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Night

Well, Disco Night turned out better than expected, but that ain't saying much. Who'da thought Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame would be attending disco night? Must have thought the Solid Gold dancers were going to be there.

Best quote of the night: "Those kids are in high school, grade school." Randy Jackson. Glad to see someone finally call out Simon and Paula for acting like children.

All right. Here's my rankings for tonight:

  1. Kris - WOW!!! Was not expecting that AT ALL!! Am not a big fan of guys singing gals' songs so was not thinking positive thoughts when I heard his song choice. Slowing it down like that was pure genius. Allowed him to keep it in his range. WOW!!!
  2. Allison - To me, she's one of the best singers ever in this competition. Don't think she's in the same league as Kelly and Carrie, yet... but she will be if she stays interested and doesn't fall victim to bad advice.
  3. Adam - As I've said, have accepted the fact he will win even though don't particularly care for him. Thought he was doing OK tonight until he started screeching. Can't stand that. Sounds funny coming from a Guns 'n' Roses fan, but at least Axel screams within the song. Adam is getting to where he's screaming just to be screaming. Don't think Simon was overly impressed but has sense enough to know he will not get out alive if he criticizes.
  4. Danny - Did OK. Realized tonight he has the second best stage presence of the group, which will keep him in the competition. Didn't think the song (or genre) fit his personality but he pulled it off better than some others.
  5. Matt - He always pulls out the Justin Timberlake hat whenever he knows he's in trouble. My opinion was much closer to Simon's than the other judges. Thought he was slightly below average tonight.
  6. Lil - Thought the music carried her tonight instead of her carrying the music. She sounded flat and nothing about her was energetic tonight. The audience would have sat on their hands if the music hadn't been so upbeat. Agree that tonight is probably her last night.
  7. Anoop - How bad is it when you are the last singer and most people will probably have no recollection of your performance? You know it's bad when Paula starts talking about your clothes. As bad a sign as when Randy starts out with "Yo, check it out."

For me, the only suspense tomorrow night should be: will there be a Bottom Three or a Bottom Four since two people will be leaving. Just can't see either Lil or Anoop surviving after tomorrow night.

That's the way I heard it.

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