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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This show keeps getting more and more interesting each week...not. Will keep watching it like you have to look at the wreck you're passing by, but...

Did not like the solution to the time problem being only 2 judges commenting after each singer. They could have saved a lot more time by not having Quentin Terrantino as the mentor. So what if he has good music in his movies. Does that make him a suitable singing mentor? That's like saying you could teach someone to paint because you like the Mona Lisa. Anywho...

Gonna admit up front my ranking for American Idol tonight will not be the same as America's. At least, I don't think so. Gonna list my rankings then who I think America will have as their bottom three. Here we go:

  1. Allison - Very difficult song which she sang very well. History shows America does not appreciate these efforts. Was glad to see the Paula and Simon finally giving her some love;
  2. Anoop - Went back to his strength of ballads. Problem is that makes him a one-trick pony, which does not fare well in this kind of competition. Would have voted him # 1 but his enunciation was horrible. Couldn't understand most words he was singing. Could tell they were in tune, though;
  3. Kris - Better than the rest but thought it was just kind of OK;
  4. Danny - Solid but nothing overwhelming;
  5. Lil - Her best performance in weeks but that ain't saying much. Nothing made me say wow. Can understand her frustration at the end but thought the attitude was uncalled for. Even though he criticized the song choice again, was glad to hear Simon finally hint that it may not be the song choices after all;
  6. Adam - Count me among the people who "utterly despise" what he did to that song. He took one of the most iconic songs in rock history and turned it into a Broadway/movie musical mess. Sounded like a lot of his other songs, too;
  7. Matt - Nothing about that performance sticks out in my mind.

Think the bottom three tomorrow night will be Allison, Kris, and Matt, with Matt going home. But, what do I know about today's music? (See "I'm an Old Coot" in the March archives)

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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