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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - The Birth Years

Here are my rankings for tonight's American Idol:

  1. Adam - Have resigned to the probability he's going to win this year. He's been a professional singer since he was 10 which I think violates the spirit of the show. He can sing, though, when he's not screeching. Did not like the song tonight, but thought he sang it well. Have to give him props for getting a standing ovation out of Simon;
  2. Allison - Thought her song was especially on point tonight. Can't figure out why more people aren't voting for her. Maybe it is the personality thing the judges were talking about. Like Adam, her restraint tonight was very impressive. There were many singers who would have really taken off on a bunch of riffs and started wailing away on that song. Would have completely ruined it. Still can't believe she's only 16;
  3. Danny - Liked the arrangement and thought he sang it well. Not much else really stuck out to me, though;
  4. Matt - Was impressed he also did not take it over the top, but did not think he sang particularly well tonight. Could not understand why the judges were gushing so much over his performance;
  5. Kris - Initial thought: Must be something about people performing in that location. Thought Matt mumbled last week when he was there and thought the same thing about Kris tonight. Interesting take on the song, though;
  6. Anoop - Did not like his song choice because I'm not a big fan of men singing women's songs. At least he was mostly in tune;
  7. Scott - Did not like that song when it came out and still don't. Like Simon, think it's a boring song. Was nice seeing him playing a guitar;
  8. Lil - Thoughts while she was singing: This show just proves what great performers the original artists are (or, in some cases, were). I think she's a good singer. They all are to get to this point. But, like many good singers, she (and a few others this year) just does not have that "it" factor. Wonder when (or if) the judges are going to realize it might not be the songs.

That's the way I heard it. My guess is Anoop will be going home this week.

Now that I think about it, I can't remember the judges saying any of this year's singers have the "it" factor. In past years, there's usually someone they've said that about by this point. Maybe I've just missed it.

Looking back, kind of wish I would have gone with my instinct to watch "Deadliest Catch" reruns tonight. I'm glad AI is finally down to the hour-long shows so I can watch the premier of DC next week. Yes!!!

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