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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Results Show

Well, hope no one really believed Adam might be going home instead of Matt. He may eventually go home earlier than expected, but it was NOT going to be tonight.

Overall, thought tonight's show was OK for a results show. Was great to see Taylor Hicks again. Think he could have cared less about making it big time after he won. He seems content to play the local scenes and act in musicals. Good for him. Fame and fortune is not everything to everybody.

Does anyone know what happens to all those Ford commercials? Never see them on TV. Seems like such a waste. But, if that's what they want to do... At least Ford has decided not to ask for any government money. My tax money goes to enough drivel without going to that, too.

Was glad to hear Simon own up to being wrong about a lot of things last night.

As for the voting, think a lot of people who normally vote for Adam voted for Allison last night. Guess Simon's plan worked after all, if he really had one.

Rock night should be entertaining. Having Slash as a mentor is an interesting choice. If this was a guitar competition, I could see it. Not sure what insight he will have as a singing mentor since I've never seen him sing in any videos or concert footage. HUGE fan of Slash, but...

Speaking of mentors, had no idea Jamie Fox has recorded CD's. Reckon it shows how out of touch I am on some things. Having him as a mentor makes more sense to me now. Was not impressed with the song tonight, but could see him as being pretty good on some other songs. Thought his song choice would be more in line with this week's theme. Shows what I know.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tonight's Idol

Rat Pack night? Even though I am a fan of that style of music, would not be in my top 10 choices of genres for this group. Interesting choice for the mentor tonight. Have to say Jamie Fox was way better than Quinton Tarantino. Ain't saying a whole lot, but at least he gave some good musical advice. It's always amazed me that actors who have researched and played a role are considered experts in those fields. Can still remember Sissy Spacek testifying on the plight of farmers before Congress in the 80's all because she played a farmer's wife in a movie. But, I digress...

We interrupt this blog to let you know "Glee" is coming to Fox, just in case you haven't heard, yet. I'm about sick of those commercials. Looks like typical Hollywood stuff: the jocks are keeping the artists of the school down. But, one jock secretly wants to be like them. Suddenly, everyone sees how cool musical/artistic people really are. Wonder if there are a few people in Hollywood with lingering issues from high school? Gee, you think?

And now, back to our show. This is the first year I have not agreed with Simon most of the time. Maybe they sound different on stage than through my TV. Anyway, here are my rankings for tonight:

  1. Allison Iraheta - Had goosebumps when she was done singing. Have repeatedly said she is the best singer in this competition but agree with Simon she may be in trouble because people just don't get her. Can't help but wonder if he said she was in trouble to trick people into voting for her. He's been known to do that in reverse. Remember how he tricked people into not voting for Sanjaya by saying how good he was the week he finally went home? Can only hope;

  2. Adam Lambert - Before the montage with Jamie, thought there was no way he could screech this week. Silly me. This was the first week there was any hint of criticism by the judges with the "too theatrical and dramatic" comments from Randy. Loved Simon's response of "Saying he's theatrical is like saying cows moo." Purty funny;

  3. Kris Allen - Nothing really stuck out tonight so don't really have a comment one way or the other. If it was based totally on performance, he'd probably be in trouble based on this and the fact he was first tonight. But, I think his overall "cuteness" factor will pull him through this week;

  4. Danny Gokey - Two questions: How could the people in front clap overhead like they were at a Motley Crue concert? And, did you see Kara's face when he was finished? Looked like she was in pain. But, she followed the script and talked about how great he was this week. All of them did. Don't know. Maybe they heard a different performance than me. Which leads to...

  5. Matt Giraud - He may have been the most emotionally attached singer, but the singing was not good at all, especially compared to the other four. Can see why he got a B in jazz class. Barney Fife was emotionally attached to the songs he sang but he still couldn't sing a lick. Matt can sing better than Barney, but I think his remarkable resemblance to Justin Timberlake is the only thing which has kept him from being voted out more than the one time. Maybe Simon was trying that reverse psychology thing again. Hmmmmmm.

Think the Chosen Two will stay out of the bottom three which leaves Kris, Matt and Allison. If America was actually listening, Matt will be going home. But, I fear Allison may be the one to leave, which may not be a bad thing for her in the long run. Don't think the Idol folks would know what to do with her and she would fade into oblivion very quickly. If someone else decides to work with her, she would have a better chance of actually making it. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

On a different note (pardon the pun), if you are not a Deadliest Catch fan, highly suggest you catch the repeat of tonight's show later in the week. Very emotionally riveting. Realized was so wrapped up in the show I had not moved once during the entire first segment of the show. Good stuff.

Thanks for your time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do As I Say...

No, I'm not trying to hypnotize you. I'm talking about that old expression, "Do as I say, not as I do." What's making me think of that? Glad you asked. Politicians!

The last couple of months I've been reading how one political party wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Say they want to make sure both sides of the story are available to contradict the Rush Limbaughs of the world. They talk about ideals such as freedom of speech. But, I suspect that's not really their agenda.

When people attended the tea parties several weeks ago, some people who lean left talked about how un-American it was to protest taxes. Excuse me? People have a right to express their political beliefs as long as they "peaceably" assemble. (See the First Amendment if you don't believe me) I even heard several people say the protesters were racists because they were not for President Obama's agenda. Sad to see people have stooped to that accusation. Are there people against President Obama because of the color of his skin? I'd be an idiot to say no. Is everyone who does not agree with him a racist? Absolutely not. Political discourse is one of many things which make our country great. This country was founded by people who protested about things they did not agree with. When people resort to name-calling, that usually means they cannot defend their position with facts. There are a lot of facts which can be used without having to resort to calling people names. Do not agree with many of them, but they are there.

Today I read about Al Gore testifying before Congress on global warming. Also read the majority party would not let someone with a contrasting opinion offer his testimony. It's pretty sad they talk about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine so people can get both sides of the story, but they only want to allow both sides when it suits them.

Before my liberal-leaning friends start protesting, I would like to point out the party that leans right is just as guilty. Case in point, anyone who opposed them in recent years was un-American and threatening national security. That argument was just as bogus. And, that's just one example that comes to mind.

My point is, everyone is for freedom of speech. The caveat is they only support freedom for the speeches which support them. And, that, my friends, is what I call un-American. Thomas Jefferson must be shaking his head somewhere.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Night

Well, Disco Night turned out better than expected, but that ain't saying much. Who'da thought Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame would be attending disco night? Must have thought the Solid Gold dancers were going to be there.

Best quote of the night: "Those kids are in high school, grade school." Randy Jackson. Glad to see someone finally call out Simon and Paula for acting like children.

All right. Here's my rankings for tonight:

  1. Kris - WOW!!! Was not expecting that AT ALL!! Am not a big fan of guys singing gals' songs so was not thinking positive thoughts when I heard his song choice. Slowing it down like that was pure genius. Allowed him to keep it in his range. WOW!!!
  2. Allison - To me, she's one of the best singers ever in this competition. Don't think she's in the same league as Kelly and Carrie, yet... but she will be if she stays interested and doesn't fall victim to bad advice.
  3. Adam - As I've said, have accepted the fact he will win even though don't particularly care for him. Thought he was doing OK tonight until he started screeching. Can't stand that. Sounds funny coming from a Guns 'n' Roses fan, but at least Axel screams within the song. Adam is getting to where he's screaming just to be screaming. Don't think Simon was overly impressed but has sense enough to know he will not get out alive if he criticizes.
  4. Danny - Did OK. Realized tonight he has the second best stage presence of the group, which will keep him in the competition. Didn't think the song (or genre) fit his personality but he pulled it off better than some others.
  5. Matt - He always pulls out the Justin Timberlake hat whenever he knows he's in trouble. My opinion was much closer to Simon's than the other judges. Thought he was slightly below average tonight.
  6. Lil - Thought the music carried her tonight instead of her carrying the music. She sounded flat and nothing about her was energetic tonight. The audience would have sat on their hands if the music hadn't been so upbeat. Agree that tonight is probably her last night.
  7. Anoop - How bad is it when you are the last singer and most people will probably have no recollection of your performance? You know it's bad when Paula starts talking about your clothes. As bad a sign as when Randy starts out with "Yo, check it out."

For me, the only suspense tomorrow night should be: will there be a Bottom Three or a Bottom Four since two people will be leaving. Just can't see either Lil or Anoop surviving after tomorrow night.

That's the way I heard it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friends or What?

Don't tell my wife, but sometimes I do pay attention to what other people say.

One thing I really notice is how people identify others in their conversation. For instance, they'll say "this guy I went to school with" or "this lady I work with" or "someone in my Sunday school class." Very rarely do they say "my friend who..." I'm just as guilty as the next person.

I often wonder why. Do we not have friends any more? Maybe we presume it's a given we are friends since we're talking about them. I don't know.

Maybe we live in such a fast-paced world we don't take the time it takes to actually get to know someone. Think about it. When's the last time you had a conversation with someone (besides your significant other) which lasted longer than 5 minutes? Did you start feeling uncomfortable after a few minutes because you wondered what you were going to talk about? Or, did you just walk away and/or start talking to someone else to avoid that feeling?

Sometimes I worry the art of conversation is dying. Some of my best memories growing up involve just sitting around listening to people tell stories. Not just the two or three sentence stories you mostly hear today, but stories that actually took 5 - 10 minutes to tell. Now, I often find myself wondering when someone is going to get to the point. Shame on me.

Funny how we seem to communicate less with each other nowadays despite having more ways to communicate.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gapses in the Synapses

Some random thoughts:

  • Happy to see the tax cut take effect in my last pay check. Wasn't much to it, but it was better than going the other way;
  • Glad to see the US stand up to the pirates. All I could think before it happened was, "There's a reason the Marines sing about the shores of Tripoli." Have to give President Obama props for that;
  • Who cares if the president gets a dog? Cared less about Millie and care even less about Bo. Guess it beats bad news all the time, though;
  • Wonder if the AI judges really wanted to save Matt or just didn't want the veto to go to waste;
  • Loved Survivor tonight! Most suspenseful vote that wasn't the final vote ever;
  • Looks like Deadliest Catch is going to have another great season! (Like I suspected anything else?!) Sad to see Phil watching the Cornelia Marie leaving port without him;
  • Is it any surprise the the top 5 songs on VH 1's "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs" were all written before 1991? (5. "Enter Sandman" - Metallica; 4. "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath; 3. "Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin; 2. "Back in Black" - AC/DC; 1. "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns 'n' Roses)

A preacher was riding his bicycle down the road when he passed a boy sitting beside a lawn mower. The boy said, "That's a nice looking bicycle. Would you trade it for this lawn mower?" The preacher thought about it for a moment and decided to make the trade. When he got home, he pulled and pulled on the rope but the mower wouldn't start.

A few days later he saw the boy riding the bicycle. He mentioned that the lawn mower wouldn't start. The boy asked, "Did you cuss at it? That thing won't start until you cuss at it?"

The preacher said, "Why, I'm a man of the Cloth! I don't curse and it's been so long since I said a curse word I wouldn't even know how to say one!"

The boy replied, "Just keep pulling on that rope. It'll come back to you."

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This show keeps getting more and more interesting each week...not. Will keep watching it like you have to look at the wreck you're passing by, but...

Did not like the solution to the time problem being only 2 judges commenting after each singer. They could have saved a lot more time by not having Quentin Terrantino as the mentor. So what if he has good music in his movies. Does that make him a suitable singing mentor? That's like saying you could teach someone to paint because you like the Mona Lisa. Anywho...

Gonna admit up front my ranking for American Idol tonight will not be the same as America's. At least, I don't think so. Gonna list my rankings then who I think America will have as their bottom three. Here we go:

  1. Allison - Very difficult song which she sang very well. History shows America does not appreciate these efforts. Was glad to see the Paula and Simon finally giving her some love;
  2. Anoop - Went back to his strength of ballads. Problem is that makes him a one-trick pony, which does not fare well in this kind of competition. Would have voted him # 1 but his enunciation was horrible. Couldn't understand most words he was singing. Could tell they were in tune, though;
  3. Kris - Better than the rest but thought it was just kind of OK;
  4. Danny - Solid but nothing overwhelming;
  5. Lil - Her best performance in weeks but that ain't saying much. Nothing made me say wow. Can understand her frustration at the end but thought the attitude was uncalled for. Even though he criticized the song choice again, was glad to hear Simon finally hint that it may not be the song choices after all;
  6. Adam - Count me among the people who "utterly despise" what he did to that song. He took one of the most iconic songs in rock history and turned it into a Broadway/movie musical mess. Sounded like a lot of his other songs, too;
  7. Matt - Nothing about that performance sticks out in my mind.

Think the bottom three tomorrow night will be Allison, Kris, and Matt, with Matt going home. But, what do I know about today's music? (See "I'm an Old Coot" in the March archives)

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Has to Stink! (Survivor Spoiler)

So, you outlast thousands of other Survivor applicants. You survive international travel to get to camp. You eat nothing but rice and beans for days on end. You survive several tribal councils without getting a single vote. Then, you get a normally minor cut/scratch on your leg and it ends up sending you out of the game. Not only are you disappointed you lost the game, you also have to worry if you are going to lose your leg (or worse).

For those of us who think this has to be an easy game, tonight is a reminder just how tough it could be. Joe is not the first to leave because of an injury you wouldn't think twice about at home. Hopefully, he will be the last. But, somehow I doubt it.

Tonight's show proves to me just how tough (and blessed) our ancestors were to live into old age, especially those before medicine became so advanced. When Joe first injured his leg, you had to think it was no big deal. However, with no medicine or even band-aids, it quickly took a turn for the worse. Just goes to show how far we've come as a society when it comes to medicine. The sad thing is there are parts of the real world which are just as primitive when it comes to these things. There are missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, and other volunteers all around the world living in these conditions every day not to mention the natives. Most Americans take what we have for granted, myself included. We should thank God every night for what we have and pray that He provides for those people in need here and abroad.

Anyway, things are getting interesting. Alliances are starting to crumble. Others are forming. Should be interesting from now until the end, especially watching the many facets of Coach.

Only five more days until Deadliest Catch!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amercian Idol - Result Show ***SPOILER***

Well, I was only about 30,000 votes out of 34 million from being completely right in my prediction last night. Can't say I'm surprised Scott went home. Just thought he might get enough sympathy votes to get past Anoop. It's been time for him to go for several weeks so not really disappointed.

Glad they told Adam early he was safe. No suspense there. Only someone not paying attention would have thought there was any wonder to that question.

Am I the only one who thought Kelli Pickler sounded not so good tonight? At least she sounded better than the group piece. BLEAHH!!! Hip hop ain't my thing so got no comment on Flo Rida. More power to him.

Survivor tomorrow night and Amazing Race on Sunday. Only 6 more days and counting until Deadliest Catch!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - The Birth Years

Here are my rankings for tonight's American Idol:

  1. Adam - Have resigned to the probability he's going to win this year. He's been a professional singer since he was 10 which I think violates the spirit of the show. He can sing, though, when he's not screeching. Did not like the song tonight, but thought he sang it well. Have to give him props for getting a standing ovation out of Simon;
  2. Allison - Thought her song was especially on point tonight. Can't figure out why more people aren't voting for her. Maybe it is the personality thing the judges were talking about. Like Adam, her restraint tonight was very impressive. There were many singers who would have really taken off on a bunch of riffs and started wailing away on that song. Would have completely ruined it. Still can't believe she's only 16;
  3. Danny - Liked the arrangement and thought he sang it well. Not much else really stuck out to me, though;
  4. Matt - Was impressed he also did not take it over the top, but did not think he sang particularly well tonight. Could not understand why the judges were gushing so much over his performance;
  5. Kris - Initial thought: Must be something about people performing in that location. Thought Matt mumbled last week when he was there and thought the same thing about Kris tonight. Interesting take on the song, though;
  6. Anoop - Did not like his song choice because I'm not a big fan of men singing women's songs. At least he was mostly in tune;
  7. Scott - Did not like that song when it came out and still don't. Like Simon, think it's a boring song. Was nice seeing him playing a guitar;
  8. Lil - Thoughts while she was singing: This show just proves what great performers the original artists are (or, in some cases, were). I think she's a good singer. They all are to get to this point. But, like many good singers, she (and a few others this year) just does not have that "it" factor. Wonder when (or if) the judges are going to realize it might not be the songs.

That's the way I heard it. My guess is Anoop will be going home this week.

Now that I think about it, I can't remember the judges saying any of this year's singers have the "it" factor. In past years, there's usually someone they've said that about by this point. Maybe I've just missed it.

Looking back, kind of wish I would have gone with my instinct to watch "Deadliest Catch" reruns tonight. I'm glad AI is finally down to the hour-long shows so I can watch the premier of DC next week. Yes!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Deadliest Catch - 8 Days and Counting...

I can't wait!!! Season premier is next Tuesday, April 14! Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gaps in Synapse

WARNING!!! Totally random thoughts to follow:

  • At what point does becoming violent at a protest for world peace seem like a good idea?

  • If political parties are supposed to have such great ideas for our country, why does it seem they spend more time criticizing the other party's ideas instead of talking about the merits of theirs?

  • Why does it seem like there's an award show for people in the entertainment industry every other week?

  • If the plane cannot leave the gate until all seat belts are buckled, why do they wait until after you leave the gate to tell you how to do it?

  • If you don't know how to buckle a seat belt, how did you find your way to the plane in the first place?

I warned you.

Friday, April 3, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different...

This little bird was outside my office window for about 3 hours this afternoon. He'd sit on that mirror, fly down and look at his reflection, then get back on top of the mirror. First noticed him about 3:30 while I was on a conference call. Last time I saw him was around 6:30. Whenever someone walked by, he'd just fly under the car.

Don't know what kind of bird he is. He had a black back and head with a grayish-white breast and orange trim. He was about the size of a swallow, although I'm not sure if that's the European or African nor do I know how fast he could fly while carrying a coconut. Anyway, there's a front view and a back view in case anyone knows what he is.

Just thought it was fascinating this little bird would do this all afternoon. Simple minds have simple pleasures (and I ain't talkin' 'bout him).

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Want to start by saying I am not a big fan of the Obamas. Didn't vote for the man and am not sure where he's going to take our country. Didn't really like him comparing himself to Lincoln before he even took office. Don't think he can be THAT good of a president. Then again, there are 42 others (and many more to come) who weren't, either. But, I'm willing to give him a chance. As a friend of mine told me, "I didn't vote for him, but I hope he makes me want to in 4 years. It will mean he's done a pretty good job."

That being said, I can't understand why people are criticizing Mrs. Obama for hugging Queen Elizabeth. Is their life under such a microscope that something as silly as that is a news story?! PUH-leease!!!!! Guess that's the normal news cycle, though. Really build someone up, then start chipping away at the pedestal you just put them on. It all started when folks started yammering about her wearing a sleeveless dress.

I am all for public debate. But, talk about things that really matter when it comes to President Obama like how is spending trillions (which it will be before it's all said and done) of dollars we don't have going to save our economy? We're in this mess now because the bill for the last 40-50 years has come due. Or, why spend billions keeping auto companies out of bankruptcy? The country somehow survived when Packard and Hudson went out of business. Or, if you think health insurance is difficult now, just imagine how it will be if the Feds take it over.

If this Democratic president also decides to use his wife to set public policy or if she somehow starts WWIII by not hugging Putin, then I say she will be fair game. Until then, leave her alone.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol Results

Well, after tonight's show, I am even more convinced I am WAY out of touch with today's "music."

Watching Lady Gaga's performance reminded me of an old "Saturday Night Live" skit with Steve Martin and I believe Dan Aykroyd. They walk into the frame, stop, look at the camera, and start saying, "What the h[blog edit] is that?!" Holy smokes!!! Have to admit I liked the bubbles in the piano, though. A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she's big in the club scene. I can see that. To each his own, I reckon.


Can't believe Allison was in the bottom three!! What was America thinking?! Oh yeah, Lady Gaga is # 1 on the charts. 'Nuf said. Anyway, hearing Simon say there was one person worth saving was good. Pretty sure he was talking about Allison based on his face when Ryan said she was in the bottom three. Made me happy to see there was enough sense to finally send Megan home, too. Was also glad the judges didn't even put up the pretense there was a chance she could be saved.

Speaking of "what was that," what was up with all the cawing, especially Megan on the way to the stools? Guess if you're gonna go, you might as well try to get people to remember you.

Now that AI is done for the week, I can look forward to "Survivor" on Thursday! Been so long have ALMOST forgotten it is on and who is in it.