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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cell Phones - Blessing or Curse?

As I was driving yesterday, noticed about half the drivers I passed were talking on cell phones. Could have been more because others may have been using some sort of hands-free device. Got me to thinking what did people do in their cars before cells phones and if cell phones are a blessing or a curse.

Never really wanted a personal cell phone. If it hadn't been for my wife, would have waited a long time before I got one. Now, if I had my way, we would not even have a land line anymore. But, my wife does not like to sit in the house and talk on her cell phone, which makes sense to me.

Here are some things to consider in this debate:

  • Always in touch
  • Can call someone as they enter your mind and not forget to call later
  • Emergencies
  • Usually have a camera when you really need one


  • Always in touch
  • Potential distraction while driving
  • Is that person talking to me, crazy, or using a hands-free device?
  • Can't have good face-to-face conversations because someone is always answering their phone
  • Hope what I'm hearing makes more sense to the person on the other end than it does to me

Think I struggle with the "Always in touch" part the most. Whatever happened to people wanting to get away from everything for a while? The car used to be a safe haven to some extent. If you were alone, no one could disturb you. You could listen to the radio or listen to the silence.

I blame cell phones for the state of music these days, too. Think about it. People don't listen to their car radio as closely because they are on the phone half the time. Since they aren't listening, they don't realize how awful all of today's so-called "music" is. They have also led to the rise of talk radio (news and sports). More people started listening when it became more interactive. If people are listening to talk radio, they ain't hearing what today's "music" sounds like. These lead to those American Idol moments of "What the *#&^ was that" when acts like Lady Gaga and No Doubt appear.

Anyway, have to say I believe cell phones are a blessing overall. There are times when I want to chuck mine into the nearest ditch. But, have to admit the overall positives far outweigh the negatives.

Have a blessed day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Vote Is Just A Vote

Sometimes a vote is just a vote.

Been reading all this analysis as to why Kris won American Idol instead of the anointed one. People have been speculating about this, that and the other. Have even broken it down to Red States vs. Blue States like a presidential election. Wish more people would take the presidential election as seriously as they have this.

Didn't see this as a gay vs. straight issue. Didn't see it as a West Coast vs. the Heartland issue. Sad to say, don't think the overall public has enough smarts to think that deeply. That saddens me, but that is a whole other blog.

Most people could care less about the whole gay/non-gay issue, the glam look, or who the judges and producers wanted to win. There's a reason why there are more light rock radio stations than hard rock. More people like to listen to the softer music without all the screaming. When you look back at the history of the show, it's been the Lite FM singer over the Rocker every time. In the end, that's who the people voted for again.

Whether either of them will be huge is still up in the air. For every Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, there's a Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. If Kris is not suffocated by an Idol machine that didn't want him to win, he has a pretty good chance. If Adam learns you don't have to scream every time you sing, he does, too. They are actually both pretty good and would not have been upset by either winning.

As Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, and Clay Aikin have proved, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, only that you get noticed. (You hear that, Allison?)

Have a happy Memorial Day and take the time to thank a veteran this weekend. I know it's about remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately, we cannot thank them so thank the folks we can. If you know a family member of someone who died while defending our country, make sure and thank them, too. And, by all means, pray for all of them whether you thank them or not.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

He Walks with Me (and You, Too)

Witnessed some good friends of mine getting baptized today. It reminded me that Jesus died for my sins (yours, too). Then, rose from the grave so He could walk beside me (and you) in my journey through this life. Awesome!

Smile! Jesus loves you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank A Vet!

Went to see the Braves over the weekend. They had a Marine who'd just returned from Iraq as a special guest. When he came out on the field, he was wildly cheered, as he should have been.

I started thinking about how this man being cheered was part of a war many people do not support, much like the Vietnam War. The biggest difference is Gulf War veterans are treated much better than many Vietnam veterans were when they returned home. That is one thing war protesters today are better at. They see they can oppose the war but still support the troops.

Saw another example of this when I was flying out of Oklahoma City a couple months ago. Saw this woman come through security carrying balloons. Couldn't really tell why and was wondering what she was going to do with them when we boarded the plane. Turned out she was waiting for her husband to return from Iraq. When he came into the terminal, he ran towards her. Everyone in the terminal stopped what they were doing to give him an ovation.

We should always thank our veterans (no matter what generation they are) whenever we have a chance. They make sacrifices for our country (and you) we will never fully understand. Whether you support the policies or not, our military and its veterans serve an important role for our country. We have a military designed to protect us not suppress us. Because of veterans, you have the right to protest, the right to vote, and the right to be free overall.

So, the next time you complain about the government without going to jail, worship as you choose, cast a vote, or take advantage of any other freedoms you have, be sure to say a prayer of thanks for our vets. They make sacrifices so you don't have to!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Idol Rankings

Wasn't able to watch the show live last night so watched it on DVR today. Slash was more insightful than I initially gave him credit for. Shame on me. Thought all the solo performances were just OK as was the Danny/Kris duet. Allison and Adam proved why they are the two best singers in the competition with their duet. Wow!

Rumor has it Slash was informally looking for a Velvet Revolver lead singer tonight. Will be interesting to see if that comes true or not.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Adam - Sounded to me like he was being drowned out by the band. Beginning to think he's more of a one trick pony than originally thought. Pretty dang good trick, though;
  2. Allison - Should be tough for a 17 year old to sound like a 20+ year old whose voice was soaked with Southern Comfort, cigarettes, and various other chemicals. Did a pretty good job, though. Had a hard time understanding the verses (or would have ranked her # 1) but the chorus came through loud and clear. Knew the judges were not going to like it much when Randy started with, "Check it out." Always a bad sign from him. Hoping her awesome performance in the duet will pull her through to next week;
  3. Kris - Just kind of there to me. Much like last week, he sounded good but there was just no electricity to his performance. Might not bode well for him in this week's voting;
  4. Danny - What a train wreck. This genre was definitely not for him. Thought he and Adam should have switched songs. What was up with Kara's "Thought you would sing some earlier Aerosmith like 'Crazy'?" Believe "Dream On" was recorded years before that song. Ugh.

If America voted with their ears, Danny will be make his first and last appearance in the Bottom 3. If not, it should be Kris.