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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Results Show

Well, hope no one really believed Adam might be going home instead of Matt. He may eventually go home earlier than expected, but it was NOT going to be tonight.

Overall, thought tonight's show was OK for a results show. Was great to see Taylor Hicks again. Think he could have cared less about making it big time after he won. He seems content to play the local scenes and act in musicals. Good for him. Fame and fortune is not everything to everybody.

Does anyone know what happens to all those Ford commercials? Never see them on TV. Seems like such a waste. But, if that's what they want to do... At least Ford has decided not to ask for any government money. My tax money goes to enough drivel without going to that, too.

Was glad to hear Simon own up to being wrong about a lot of things last night.

As for the voting, think a lot of people who normally vote for Adam voted for Allison last night. Guess Simon's plan worked after all, if he really had one.

Rock night should be entertaining. Having Slash as a mentor is an interesting choice. If this was a guitar competition, I could see it. Not sure what insight he will have as a singing mentor since I've never seen him sing in any videos or concert footage. HUGE fan of Slash, but...

Speaking of mentors, had no idea Jamie Fox has recorded CD's. Reckon it shows how out of touch I am on some things. Having him as a mentor makes more sense to me now. Was not impressed with the song tonight, but could see him as being pretty good on some other songs. Thought his song choice would be more in line with this week's theme. Shows what I know.


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