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Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Has to Stink! (Survivor Spoiler)

So, you outlast thousands of other Survivor applicants. You survive international travel to get to camp. You eat nothing but rice and beans for days on end. You survive several tribal councils without getting a single vote. Then, you get a normally minor cut/scratch on your leg and it ends up sending you out of the game. Not only are you disappointed you lost the game, you also have to worry if you are going to lose your leg (or worse).

For those of us who think this has to be an easy game, tonight is a reminder just how tough it could be. Joe is not the first to leave because of an injury you wouldn't think twice about at home. Hopefully, he will be the last. But, somehow I doubt it.

Tonight's show proves to me just how tough (and blessed) our ancestors were to live into old age, especially those before medicine became so advanced. When Joe first injured his leg, you had to think it was no big deal. However, with no medicine or even band-aids, it quickly took a turn for the worse. Just goes to show how far we've come as a society when it comes to medicine. The sad thing is there are parts of the real world which are just as primitive when it comes to these things. There are missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, and other volunteers all around the world living in these conditions every day not to mention the natives. Most Americans take what we have for granted, myself included. We should thank God every night for what we have and pray that He provides for those people in need here and abroad.

Anyway, things are getting interesting. Alliances are starting to crumble. Others are forming. Should be interesting from now until the end, especially watching the many facets of Coach.

Only five more days until Deadliest Catch!!!

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