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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Randomness

Sometimes I have a theme, sometimes I don’t.  Have some real random thoughts this week.  Can randomness be a theme?

Anywho, here I go:

  • Some women in Maine marched topless the other day to protest the fact men can legally go without shirts and they can’t.  Then, the organizer got mad cuz a bunch of men stood around and gawked.  Let’s see.  You’re protesting to draw attention to your cause, then you get mad when people pay attention to your cause.  Makes sense to me.  Guess if it ever does become normal for women to walk around topless, men won’t pay attention to things like that.  Nah, doubt it;
  • Can see a swingset out of my office window.  Saw a grown lady swinging on it the other day.  Thought how awesome it was that she apparently can still get a thrill out of that part of her childhood.  Far out;
  • Why does it seem like you are always going uphill no matter which way you go when you are running?  Probably a metaphor on life there somewhere;
  • Pollen sucks.  Sorry, that’s a little crude, but there’s just no other way to put it.  Know it’s an important part of the circle of life, but it sure makes my eye miserable this time of year.  Can’t hardly wear my contacts more than a couple hours at a time;
  • Can tell I’ve lost weight over the last year.  Put on a pair of pants today that I had to hold my stomach in just to button this time last year.  Noticed they were bunched in the front today from where my belt had to hold them up.  Should probably help stimulate the economy by buying some new ones;
  • See where Spirit Airline is going to start charging people for carry-on bags.  First bag will be free.  Will have to pay for the second one.  Can’t remember if a woman’s purse counts or not.  Guess airlines will start charging you extra to sit down before too long.  “Will that be standing or sitting?  Oh, and by the way, it’s illegal to stand…”;
  • Was the Butler/Duke game awesome or what?  That, my friends, is what sport is really all about.  Drama for all 40 minutes of the game.  Even if you are a Duke hater, you still have to admit both teams played well.  Butler proved without a doubt that they belonged in that game.  You have to wonder why the media keeps calling them Cinderella when they had more top 100 recruits (3) than Syracuse (0), who were picked by several folks to win it all.  Makes a better story, I reckon;
  • Saw an article the other day that said passage of the healthcare bill is a sign of our decline as a country.  Said history has shown people start losing their ability to be innovative as they start relying more and more on the government for stuff.  Interesting theory.  Not sure I totally agree with it, but may have some merit;
  • People are already calling up insurance companies asking if they can get their free health insurance now.  Folks just don’t pay attention, I reckon.  Still won’t have free health insurance…yet.  Anyway, most of the provisions in the bill don’t even go into effect until 2014.  Never heard either side mention that, did ya?  At least not very loudly if they did;
  • Read today that 50% of Americans don’t pay any kind of income taxes.  Wish I was one of ‘em…;
  • Jessica Simpson posed for Marie Claire magazine without wearing any makeup or having any computer touch-ups to her pictures.  Wonder what it says about society in general that this is even considered newsworthy. Thought she still looked nice from the picture I saw.  Personally think women don’t really need it.  Dread the day my little girl starts wanting to wear it all the time;
  • Have enjoyed Twitter so far.  Lots of information to digest if you can keep up. Very fast-paced, especially if you start following a lot of people.  Have “met” some interesting people from all over the world (literally) on there.

Done for now.  Thanks as always for reading.  Since you can’t tip your waiters and waitresses here, be sure to check out my blogging buddies on the left.  Some haven’t written in a while.  Other have, though, and they’re usually pretty interesting.

Peace out.

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  1. The basketball game was great and I don't even like basketball! And I very rarely wear a lot of make up and am told all the time I look so young... maybe that's why?