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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sporadic Thoughts

Well, the pollen has finally died down a little where I’m at, and that makes me happy.  Was actually able to wear my contacts all day today.  Woo-hoo!!!  Hope it’s better where you’re at, too.

Not really much going on in the news which interests me, but have a few things rattling around in me noodle that need to come out.  So, if you’re ready, here we go:

  • Started posting song lyrics on Twitter and Facebook this week.  Most of the time they reflect my mood and/or different thoughts going through me brain.  Sometimes I’m just being silly.  Always enjoy it when someone continues the lyrics.  Only had one response which threw me a little.  Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, hope you are enjoying them and/or recognize most of the songs.  Due to character limits on Twitter, don’t usually credit the artist, but, if you want to know, feel free to ask.  And, if you’re curious enough about the trainwreck, you can follow me on Twitter @scotps23;
  • Have told y’all before about my European tweeps.  Think what fascinates me the most is they tend to have actual conversations using Twitter.  Don’t see that much from my American tweeps.  Americans just tend to throw their thoughts out there but not comment on others.  Least not what I can see.  Not really sure why, either.  Maybe it’s unique to the folks I follow.  Or, maybe folks just think I’m boring.  Don’t know.  Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to watch their conversations ebb and flow throughout the day;
  • Well, now that the airline industry lost billions cuz of the volcanic ash, the blame game has begun over who’s idea it was to ground the planes.  Believe you should always err on the side of caution when it comes to air safety.  Bottom line is no one really knew what, if any, effect the ash would have on the planes.  In the end, you have to ask yourself what’s worse, being inconvenienced or dead if you crash?  How would you like to be the airline executive who made the decision to fly when the plane crashes?;
  • Been a lot of stuff out there about this whole Goldman Sachs mess.  Folks getting all excited cuz President Obama took almost a million smackers from them.  Well, they gave money to just about everyone on both sides of the aisle.  Someone asked if Mr. Prez was going to give it back.  He basically said no cuz it was from the employees rather than the company itself (long story how that is but true from what I’m reading).  Who in their right mind would think a politician would ever give that kind of dough back?  Anyway, his administration still appears poised to go after them fer now.  We shall see.  What concerns me more is the fact the Goldman Sachs indictment (or whatever it was) conveniently came out just as they are starting to make a push for Wall Street reform, whatever that means.  Nothing like using the judicial system to push your political agenda.  Of course, they are saying the timing is all just coincidental.  Uh-huh.  Whatever…Will just have to wait and see what happens;
  • The Stanley Cup playoffs have been pretty awesome so far!  Lots of overtime games.  Even the ones that don’t go to OT have been pretty close.  The Stanley Cup commercials have been pretty good, too.  Have forgotten just how exciting playoff hockey can be.  Best thing about OT in the playoffs (other than the excitement of wondering which shot will be the last) is no TV timeouts;
  • Been lots of hullaballoo about the NFL draft this week.  Hard to believe they are devoting an entire night of primetime just to the 1st round.  Guess it will REALLY be big time if it ever lands on a major network, not that ESPN is a slouch to be on.  Actually know some people who are going out of their way to watch them.  Will follow it close enough to see where my fellow Bama alums are going, but not much more than that;
  • Peace reigns where God is present. Peace reigns when Love is present. Simple formula then: Where you have Love and God, you find Happiness – Posted on Twitter by Billy Corgan.  Billy Corgan?  Of Smashing Pumpkins fame?  Yep, that one.  Have always liked him;
  • In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. - Robert Frost

Y’all think about it…

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