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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Musical Memories

Music is such a wonderful thing.  It helps us feel good, wallow in our sorrows, feel better, think about stuff, and a wide variety of other things.  Music can even take you back to specific moments in time.  Thought I’d share more of my musical memories with you.  Maybe they’ll trigger some of yours, too.  Will list them by song title and the artist most famous for performing them:

  • Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) – Ah, the “Down, Down” song.  That’s what my kids called it when they were around 3 years old.  We’d get in the truck and they’d want to hear the “Down, Down” song.  They pretty much liked all of Mr. Cash’s songs, but usually asked for this one in particular.  Could tell they were going to have a real appreciation for music;
  • Sir Duke and Over the Rainbow (Stevie Wonder/Judy Garland) – Marching band, freshman year of high school.  Enjoyed my four years in the band, but will always think of this one as the best.  Had some real characters that year, and we were pretty good if I have to say so myself.  Can still see a fellow trombone player flipping over backwards cuz he was trying to play real loud during one performance.  Good times…;
  • Piano Man (Billy Joel) – Saw him in concert during his Nylon Curtain tour.  My bud Jimmy and I were sitting about halfway up in the balcony at the back of the arena.  Jimmy said he was amazed cuz Billy was making the harmonica sounds with just his mouth.  Pointed out he was actually using the harmonica he’d put around his neck.  The lady sitting next to me let us borrow her binoculars to confirm it.  Purty funny.  And, yes, we were completely sober.  Really miss talking to Jimmy.  He’s still alive.  Just don’t get to talk to him;
  • Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) – You may remember listed this last time.  But, have another memory associated with this song, too.  One morning when Mr. Mayhall was late…again…was listening to this with Ronnie, Jud and Sean in Ronnie’s car.  When the little piano plink representing the pin prick played (wow, look at that alliteration), Jud reached up and flicked Ronnie on the ear.  I know, an odd thing to remember, but it’s in there;
  • Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel) – Was listening to this song on the radio and had to get out before it ended.  Drove me so crazy not being able to hear the ending had to go buy it on tape.  True story;
  • Wild, Wild West (Kool Mo Dee) – This song may shock some of you.  But, used to listen to it when I would go out onto the Wesley Foundation balcony to watch the nightlife on the Tuscaloosa strip.  Saw some purty wild things…Also listened to Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, and several other bands while out there;
  • Riders on the Storm ( The Doors) – Was listening to my walkman radio while writing a paper one night in college.  This song came on and swear could feel raindrops falling on the back of my neck.  Pretty eerie feeling which was cool all at the same time.  And, yes, again, was completely sober;
  • Photograph (Def Leppard) – First real heavy metal song I ever liked and among the earliest music videos can remember seeing on MTV when we first got it.  Still remember the air band competition from high school.  The dudes that did this song won the whole thing and deservedly so;
  • Cult of Personality (Living Colour) – Saw them on Saturday Night Live.  Still see Corey Glover slinging his braids around during the guitar solo every time I hear it on my iPod.  Awesome song wrapped around a pretty good history lesson.  Almost bought tickets to the Stones concert just to see these guys open for them;
  • Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) – Way back when I was in school, they used to play this before every Bama home game.  May still do.  I don’t know.  Anyway, the entire student section would keep the beat with our shakers.  An awesome sight for this Tide fan;
  • Jump (Van Halen) – Chicago Cubs baseball back in the 80’s.  Every time I hear it still expect Harry Caray to come on and say,”Hello again, everybody!  It’s a great day for baseball!” when the music fades away;
  • I Melt with You (Modern English) – Can see that couple dancing in the video every time I hear that song.  Still haven’t been able to figure out if the blonde guitarist in the white shirt was male or female;
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) – Have always liked the song even though have never understood the lyrics.  Can hardly figure out what Kurt Cobain is singing but they still don’t make much sense when I read them.  Finally figured out a couple of weeks ago they’re not supposed to make sense cuz the teenage mind quickly jumps from thought to thought, at least it did when I was one.  That’s what I think, anyway.  Only took me 20 years to come up with that theory.  I’m such a gueenius…

Well, hope this list triggered some memories in you, even if you thought of some different songs.  Will probably be a part three sometime.  The hard part will be picking the soundtrack for this blog.  Too much to choose from…

Y’all have a good one.

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