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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a Bunch of …

Been an OK week so far.  Weather’s been nice.  Pollen is gone (for the most part).  And, been some interesting things in the news.  Have a veritable smorgasbord of topics to cover this time.  See if you can stretch your imagination to figure out the common theme.  Hope you enjoy:

  • Did you hear about Boobquake?  Seems an Iranian cleric said we are having all these earthquakes cuz women ain’t covering up like he thinks they should.  So, some American lady started a movement on Facebook for women to show a little cleavage so folks could test that theory.  It quickly spread onto other outlets such as Twitter.  Even saw a story on several of CNN’s outlets.  Not sure how many people really participated in it, but it’s amazing how quickly things like the color of women’s bras and exposed cleavage on Facebook get coverage in the mainstream media.  Talk about titillating coverage.  Anyway, last time I checked, still haven’t been any major earthquakes cuz of it.  Maybe y’all should try again. Uh, in the name of science, of course;
  • Seems KFC is selling chicken in pink buckets to advertise the fact they are making a big donation to the Susan G Komen Foundation, a great and wonderful cause.  Should be noted, money is NOT being donated based on each individual purchase.  They are just making a big donation.  Anyway, some group I’ve never heard of came out this week saying KFC is taking advantage of poor people and the SGK Foundation, a great and wonderful cause, shouldn’t be attaching their name to something unhealthy like fried chicken.  Guess they haven’t heard KFC sells grilled chicken now.  Anyway, think the most absurd statement I saw from the group I’ve never heard of was “poor people can’t help it if they don’t make healthy choices” or something to that effect.  As the late great Lewis Grizzard used to say, “Do what?”  Now, I know healthy food does tend to cost more than not-so-healthy food.  But, there are affordable healthy choices, too.  And, funny how people in the Great Depression weren’t pushing 250.  Besides, last time I checked, the grilled chicken at KFC is the same cost as the fried.  To me, this is just another case of a group you’ve never heard of trying to take advantage of something to get a little free publicity.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it; 
  • Lane Bryant recently produced a TV ad for lingerie which several networks said was a little too racy to be aired during the “family hour” of TV.  Saw the ad on another blog site (thanks for posting it, Sue Mac) and don’t think it was worse than anything else you’d see on network TV nowadays.  Actually liked it more cuz the models are a lot more realistic.  Better lookin’ to me, too.  Anyway, lots o’ folks are speculating it was turned down because the women in the ads ain’t what you normally see in these types of ads.  Personally, just cuz they show the other ads, don’t mean they should be, especially in the so-called “family hour.”  But, if they are going to show the size 0’s, they should show the size 10’s (and larger), too.  Wouldn’t feel too sorry for Lane Bryant, though.  They got a lot more publicity out of the free media coverage than they would have by paying for the ad time.  Maybe there was a method to their mad-ness…;
  • Speaking of free publicity, Apple sure got a lot of it after the prototype for the latest iPhone was left in a bar.  Totally on “accident,” of course.  This case may end up solving a lot of issues.  First, were lots of rumors out there about the new phone before and this has answered a lot of ‘em.  Second, was this really an accident?  Some folks think the dude who left the phone may have planted it as a free market test.  Eh, maybe, maybe not.  Third, the question of whether bloggers are considered media or not may be resolved once and for all.  Seems there’s a California law which says members of the media cannot be forced to give up their confidential sources.  There’s been all kinds of search warrants and police questioning trying to find out who found the phone and sold it to the bloggers who broke the story.  The bloggers say they are members of the media so they should be exempt from all this harassment.  Imagine we will be hearing about this stunt for years to come.  If we are considered media folks, where can I send my request for media credentials to the Super Bowl and the Masters?;
  • Reckon you’ve heard about the immigration bill passed by the State of Arizona.  Lots of folks ain’t necessarily agreeing with the new law.  Do believe there is cause for concern that legal citizens could be subject to random questioning by the police.  What I can’t understand is why folks are concerned about the rights of the ILLEGAL immigrants?  They are not exactly law-abiding citizens since they are in the US ILLEGALLY.  Would think people who came here legally would have the most to gripe about, too.  Why should someone who entered ILLEGALLY have the same rights of someone who did it the right way?  Think most folks seem to be missing the other point that Arizona passed the law cuz the Feds won’t do anything about ILLEGAL immigration reform.  Do I think the Arizona legislature made a wise choice?  Probably not.  In the end, guessing the courts will overturn the law based on the 4th amendment.  Can’t just stop a citizen without due cause.  Last time I checked, the way you looked ain’t considered due cause, either.  At least it better not be; 
  • Been a lot of chatter about Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, calling some lady a bigot the other day while leaving a photo op for the upcoming election.  Apparently he forgot he was still wearing a wireless microphone.  Naturally, the media heard the comment and immediately put it out for everyone else to hear.  He’s now apologized twice and some reports say the lady has even forgiven him for the comment.  Think this is much ado bout nothin’ myself.  Politicians are human just like everyone else.  They have their opinions and biases just like everyone else.  They should be entitled to make ignoramus comments just like the next guy, too.  One poll said 90% of those asked said this won’t affect the way they will vote.  Reckon the media has to have something to yak about.  Some things I’ve read indicate he wasn’t too far off with his comment, but would still suck for him to call me a bigot whether I deserved it or not.  Think he was already behind in the polls so not sure this will cost him the election.  Purty sure it won’t help, though.

Well, that’s all I got for now.  Were you able to figure out the theme?  You may have to think literally and figuratively on this one.

Y’all take care.

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