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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Been an interesting week in the news.  Lots of stories in the news ranging from sports, politics and entertainment.  Got my own opinion to share on some of 'em. If it ain't in line with yours, might at least give you a different angle to think about, anyway.  So, if you're interested, here we go:
  • Before we get started, was watching TV with my son the other day.  Some commercial with a remake of The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" came on.  My son said it was a "real catchy" song.  Replied that's probably why it's been popular for pert near 40 years.  He was amazed it was that old.  That's the problem with getting older, you see very little that is new and actually impresses you.  Ah, to be young again and discovering things in the world;
  • Been reading about all the hoopla surrounding Tim Tebow's Super Bowl commercial.  To be honest, not real sure why some folks are upset about it.  After all, we do have a little something called "freedom of speech" in this here country.  If they have the money to run a counter to it, more power to 'em.  If CBS declines to run it, then you might have something to complain about.  Anyway, doubt the ad will change many opinions about the subject.  Most people are purty dug in on whichever side they are on so they won't be budging.  More surprised there hasn't been much hullaballoo about CBS turning down an ad for a gay dating website.  When I read the storyline of the ad (it ends with two guys making out on a couch), wasn't so surprised they turned it down.  Not sure many people would want to see that.  Lots o' folks are open-minded on that subject, but that don't mean they want to see it, not to mention the folks who ain't so open-minded about it;  
  • Saw where J.D. Salinger died last week.  Tried to read Catcher in the Rye when I was in college.  Had a difficult time getting into it and don't think I even finished.  Interesting thing to me is most of the stories I read about him always talk about what a recluse he was.  Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) has the same kind of stories written about her.  Guess the media folks have a hard time accepting not everyone is hungry for fame.  Must be an anomaly for them cuz they're used to dealing with narcissistic egomaniacs most of the time.  Not sure about Mr. Salinger, but have heard from people who know that Ms. Lee is just an ordinary person who wants to live her life like most other normal folks. Ain't a thing in the world wrong with that, either;
  • Heard where President Obama wants to do away with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.  Got no problem with that.  Times have changed a lot since the military decided to ban gays and lesbians.  Now, have to admit have never served in the military myself so not sure what, if any, effect it will have on unit morale.  However, there were also huge outcries when women, blacks, and other groups were first allowed to join.  Now, most people don't think twice about it.  Reckon this might happen here, too.  Truth is there are already gay folks in the military so it shouldn't be that much of an adjustment.  Most straight folks I know who are leary of gays are worried they're gonna get hit on.  Have several friends I know who are gay and several others I suspect but have never asked and they ain't tellin', either.  None have ever hit on me and feel comfortable when they are around my children.  In other words, like many other fears, has more to do with what you don't know rather than having a legitimate reason to fear or hate.  Imagine it will all work out in the long run;
  • Looks like there's finally a issue both sides of the political aisle can work together on.  The president's office announced they are going to look into getting a playoff for Division One (or whatever it's called now) college football.  This all got started when Republican Orrin Hatch got his panties in a wad cuz Utah wasn't in the championship game last year, or at least given a piece of the championship since they were undefeated.  Glad to know we've solved all our minor issues such as the economy, unemployment, health care reform, two wars, terrorism, et al.  What's that?  You say we haven't solved those things, yet?!  Surely they have or they wouldn't distract themselves with petty issues like a football playoff?  Man o' man;
  • Kurt Warner has decided to retire from the NFL.  His story is the true American dream.  As Carl the Greenskeeper use to say, "A true Cinderella story.  Coming out of nowhere to win..."  To go from making $5.50/hour as a grocery clerk to winning the MVP and the Super Bowl the next year is truly amazing.  Will be a long time before his story is duplicated. Sure he will hit the speechifying circuit sharing his faith (very devout Christian) now. Good luck in retirement, Kurt;
  • Went out to eat the other night and ran into an old college friend I haven't seen in close to 20 years.  Weird thing is, since we've 'talked' on Facebook over the last year or so, we didn't feel the need to sit there and chat in a loud restaurant trying to catch up on the last 20 years in 5 minutes or less.  Another example of the power of the internet;
  • Realized the other day have only watched one episode of American Idol this year, and haven't really missed it that much, either.  Might get more interested in it once the finals start.  Don't know.  Not a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres so maybe not.  Possibly after Biggest Loser is over.  We'll see.  Think the biggest problem with the show is, outside of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, none of the winners have really struck it big.  Some who were culled from the herd have done OK such as Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken, but that ain't quite the same.  Think once Simon leaves the show, it will have really jumped the shark. (What exactly does that really mean, anyway?  What does this expression have to do with something not being popular, anymore?);
  • Added a link to a blog called You're So Vain (link here and over to the left).  It's a lady in Northern Virginia who posts photos of a different vanity plate every day.  Pretty neat if you ask me.  Must be lots of them plates around there.  Not sure I could find a different one every day in my neck of the woods.  Found it just hitting the Next Blog button at the very top of the page.
All I got fer now.  Thanks for making it to the end with me.  If you know where "jump the shark" originated and/or why, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.  Please feel free to leave any other comments, too.

Y'all have a great week!

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