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Thursday, February 4, 2010

This, That and The Other

Usually only update once a week.  But, have run across some more things I feel the need to comment on so gonna think out loud again this week.  Hope you enjoy:
  • Don't know about where you live, but there was a bunch of riggamoroll around here on National Signing Day Wednesday.  In case you don't know, that's the first day high school football recruits can officially accept their scholarship offers.  The way folks have been carrying on, you'd think we were having a presidential election.  Take that back, think they were more interested in what was going on than they would be in an election.  You got high schools having assemblies and press conferences (including national media) for these kids to announce their decisions.  All this for 17-18 year old kids who ain't proved nothing except they were purty good high school players.  It's no wonder some athletes feel such an sense of entitlement sometimes.  And, we got nobody but ourselves to blame for it, either; 
  • Heard where the Secretary of Transportation told Toyota owners to stop driving their vehicles this week if it was part of the recall then said later that's not what he really meant.  When I read the first comment, figured it was gonna create a panic and overload the dealerships.  Was not surprised to see him crawfish a little later in the day.  Now, he made the first statement while testifying to Congress why he had actually been proactive in this whole mess.  So, here's what probably really happened:  He was puffing his chest out to Congress about how tough he's really been on Toyota then let his mouth get away from him.  Classic case of speaking before you're really thinking.  Hope he learns a lesson from this; 
  • Speaking of opening mouth and inserting foot, see where President Obama has made the people of Nevada mad again by sort of bad-mouthing Vegas.  Twice in less than a year.  Didn't really think it was much of a slam against Vegas as much as it was gambling in general.  But, he mentioned it by name so now they're thinking fewer tourists will be coming out.  Can't help but think he wouldn't be saying the same thing if Vegas were in New York or California.  You know, the states with a whole bunch of electoral votes?  Just saying;  
  • Read where a Dennis Zeglin from New Jersey plead guilty to shooting his African Grey parrot during a NASCAR race last year just cuz the bird wouldn't shut up during a race.  Yup.  Shot him three times with a BB gun.  And, brace yourself, authorities think alcohol may have been involved.  Go figure. Anyway, think it was his wife who turned him in.  Now, this wouldn't surprise me as much if he lived somewhere's here in the South.  Just goes to show there's rednecks everywhere in this great land of ours;
  • Looks like the bad data bug is biting another "scientific" study.  Turns out the docs who wrote a paper on MMR vaccinations being a possible cause of autism purposely overlooked a lot of info that didn't agree with what they were trying to prove.  Caused a lot of worry and fear for who knows why.  Maybe they did it for fame or trying to get more research money.  Whatever the whyfore, it wasn't good enough.  Just another example of my theory that you have to know someone's motives for a poll, survey, research, etc., before you take their data at face value.  If they start out with the answer before they start asking the questions, the questions just might skew towards the result they want rather than being objective.  Just food for thought.  By the way, do hope they find the cause some day; 
  • Read an interview with Bill Waterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, one of the greatest comic strips ever.  The article said it was his first interview since 1989, and it was via an e-mail Q and A.  Said he has no regrets stopping in 1995. (Man, has it really been that long?)  Just wanted to go out while he was still on top.  Although I wish he would have kept it up, can respect his decision to quit.  Can think of more than one example of someone who should have quit before they did.  That being said, Mr. Waterson, anytime you want to come back, please feel free to do so.  This is one fan who will never get tired of your work;
  • Yes, that is a tattoo of Calvin and Hobbes on my right upper arm as my profile picture.  It's from a Sunday cartoon where they were dancing to classical music (1812 Overture, I think).  The tattoo artist took a picture of it when he finished and it was actually published in a magazine.  Used to have a copy of it somewhere.  Besides being a tribute to the strip, the tattoo is to remind me you can find fun in anything if you try hard enough;
  • If you are a Deadliest Catch fan, you may be interested to know that Captain Phil Harris (F.V. Cornelia Marie) had a stroke the other day.  Fortunately, he was in port when it happened.  Last report was he's doing well.  He can squeeze peoples' hands and talk.  Even told the doctor, "Don't $@#^ up!" Get well soon, Capt Phil!  Will keep you in my prayers; 
  • The NFL tried to get people to stop selling "Who Dat" paraphernalia in relation to the Saints since they weren't getting their cut.  Claimed they had the rights to the saying since people were saying it bout the Saints.  Needless to say, there were a lot of folks hacked off in New Orleans.  Now, I've heard that expression has been around long before the NFL was even a glint in somebody's eye.  First time I can remember it being used with the Saints was when the song Who Dat came out in the mid-80's.   Glad to report someone somewhere with the NFL finally got some smarts about 'em and decided they didn't have the rights to that saying after all. Somebody must have checked the trademark office and saw somebody else had it first. Glad to see the little guys can win sometimes;
  • Saw where Herschel Walker is an MMA (mixed-martial arts) fighter now.  Said he won his first fight Saturday night.  Knowing what a natural athlete he is, imagine he's probably purty good at it.  At 47 he's probably not in Brock Lesnar's (one of the current world champions) league, but likely still purty dang good and impressive.  As odd as this sounds, he probably doesn't get enough credit for being as great an all-around athlete that he truly is.
Well, that's all I got for now.  Hope you are having a good week.  By the way, thanks to my bud Janet for filling me in on what "jump the shark" is in reference to.  Talking about when Fonzie water ski-jumped over a shark in one of the later episodes of Happy Days.  You know, the episodes that weren't as good as the first several seasons?  So now when a show has faded from glory and/or is searching desperately for storylines, they are referred to as having "jumped the shark."  Thanks for the info, J!


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