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Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Some Stuff

Well, been some interesting things in the news over the last week or so.  Would you be shocked to find out had an opinion or two on them?  Figured as much.  So, if you’re willing, here we go:

  • Have had a chance to mull over Tigger’s statement.  Think there was something in it for everyone.  If you are wanting to forgive him, he said all the right things.  If you ain’t ready, yet, there’s been lots of debate about if this was the real Tigger or just another incarnation of an image he wants us to believe.  Not really sure myself and not real sure I care.  Did think it’s interesting Elin wasn’t up there with him.  Not sure what to read into that.  All I really know is am tired of hearing people talk about it.  Know what I mean?;
  • Have seen some hubbub about Scott Brown voting with the Dems on the job bill.  You’d think he was the only Republican to do it, but the reality is 4 others also voted with the Dems.  According to one article I read, a lot of folks on the right actually supported the bill.  They just didn’t like the way Harry Reid was somehow forcing it on them.  Since they knew it would pass anyway, they could vote no in protest.  As for Mr. Brown, I’m glad (at least on this vote) to see he is his own person.  Somebody has to break ranks.  That’s the only way we’ll be rid of some of the gridlock in Washington;
  • Watched a little of the healthcare summit.  What a joke.  Read where the Dems spoke for about twice as long as the Pubs, although Obama claimed his time shouldn’t count since he’s the prez.  First of all, seems like the Pubs were being told they were going too long more than the Dems during the short time I watched.  Second of all, why the heck would anyone be timing either side in the first place?!  Seems like someone who was just looking for an axe to grind going into it.  Doubt this show accomplished very much for either side.   Sad to say, know it didn’t hold my interest very long.  Just seemed like a bunch of politicians wanting a little press time.  The Dems will probably use it as an excuse to proceed without the Pubs now, too;
  • Eli Manning has agreed to give up $500,000 owed to him by a hospital for PR work.  Seems the hospital is already deeply in debt so he’s agreed to forgo the rest of the money owed him.  He’s even going to continue working for them.  Some folks are griping that he should give the $500 G’s he’d already received from them.  Just goes to show you can’t make everybody happy.  From what I can tell, the hospital was OK with it, so why should anyone else get upset by it?  Anyway, it’s a class move by him, especially since he has said he will keep working for them;
  • Well, there’s already been a lawsuit filed in relation to the dude flying his plane into the IRS building.  Now, I’m not necessarily saying a lawsuit isn’t in order.  But, filing one within a week of the incident seems a little premature to me.  Guess that’s the American way now.  When something happens to you, don’t try to work things out on your own, feed the lawyers so they can drag things out forever and then end up getting more than you do.  Like lawsuits, there’s a time and place for lawyers, but seems a little early to get them involved in this case;
  • Read a story last year where the mayor of Moscow said he was going to prevent snow from falling there this winter.  Supposedly had some scientific way to make it go around Moscow.  Saw another story this week where it’s snowed there this year just like it always does.  When are we going to learn that we are not God, nor do we play Him on TV?;
  • ESPN has suspended Tony Kornhiser from his TV show for two weeks because of remarks he made on his radio show about a female co-worker.  He apparently didn’t like the outfit she was wearing one day and made some comments about it.  He later called her to apologize and then apologized on the air the next day.  Have heard TK make many comments like these before without any repercussions from his employer.  What makes these different is they have a no-tolerance rule for public criticism of fellow ESPN employees, even in non-ESPN outlets like his radio show.  So, it’s not what he said so much as who he said them about.  Guess it’s OK to bash folks as long as they don’t work for ESPN with you.  Somehow, that just don’t seem right to me and just another reason I rarely watch that channel, listen to their radio shows, or surf their site anymore;
  • Very sad about the trainer at Sea World.  We went to the dinner with the whales on our trip last year.  Had the same whale during our dinner.  The trainers will constantly remind you that these are wild animals and can be unpredictable.  Sad way to be reminded of this.  Bout the only positive in this whole situation is the trainer went out doing what she loved, which ain’t much in the grand scheme of things.  Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends;
  • See where the Russian male figure skater has his knickers in a wad cuz he came in second during the Olympics.  Been complaining to anyone who will listen that the judges cheated him out of the gold.  That’s why I don’t like to watch those “sports” where the winner is chosen by subjective judging.  Never really know if things are on the up-n-up or not.  That being said, he’s just being a sore loser.  Get over it already;
  • PARTY ON!!!  Hockey has a saying “GAME ON!” which means it’s time to play.  Apparently the Canadian women’s team likes the first one, too.  After they won the gold, they returned to the ice with beer and cigars to celebrate.  Some folks didn’t like it and complained.  Now the IOC is going to conduct an investigation although not really sure what they are going to investigate.  Maybe where they kept the brewskies and stogies during the game?  Who knows?  Maybe they should spend their resources investigating the men’s skating judges instead of worrying about some folks having a little fun. Geez, Louise.

Well, that’s the news for this week.  Thank you for your time.

This is Scot, and I am outta here!

See you next week.

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