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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Whole Lot of Another

Been lots of interesting things in the news here lately.  Everybody must be trying to get things in before the Super Bowl since things always seem slow down afterwards. So, if I can thaw my fingers out, will try to give you a little food for thought if nothing else.  Here we go:
  • Man!  What a Super Bowl!  Didn't care a whole lot who won.  Only hoped for a good game, and it was delivered.  Was glad to see the Saints pull it off.  They and their fans certainly deserve it after 43 years of heartache.  They played a great game and Sean Payton showed he wasn't just glad to be there.  Calling for an on-sides kick to start the 2nd half took some real courage.  WHO DAT!!!;
  • Thought this year's ads were just kind of OK.  Liked the Doritos ad where the kid told the man not to touch his mama or his Doritos.  Didn't realize the Tebow ad was on until he tackled his mother and had to rewind it to pay attention to it.  Like many other things in life, it was much ado about nothing.  Certainly wasn't as controversial as you would have thought.  Think some groups decided to "protest" it beforehand just to get their name in the papers.  Can't always believe the hype, I reckon.  Imagine that.  Did read where one group said tackling his mother encourages violence against women.  Guess they had to complain about something since the ad didn't live up to other expectations.  Would think most people are smart enough to see the humor in it and don't think the ad is saying it's OK to tackle women, especially your mother;
  • Did anyone know we are apparently fighting in Pakistan now?  Or, at least we have sent "advisers" there. (Ain't that how we got started in Vietnam?)  Anywho, three were killed in a suicide bombing the other day.  Looks like the reigning Nobel Peace prize winner may be expanding the war on terror, or, whatever they are calling it these days.  (Apparently that phrase is a no-no with the White House and its staff.)  Anyway, not saying there's anything necessarily wrong with it.  Just wondered if you knew about it;
  • Read where Michelle Obama is catching some flak about using her daughters as examples in her fight against childhood obesity.  Said might be setting them up for eating disorders and/or poor self-esteem later in life.  Think as long as she keeps it in proper perspective for them, they will be OK.  If the doctor said they need to lose a little weight, she should be praised for trying to do something about it (as long as she didn't do anything out of the ordinary) instead of ignoring the problem.  Shouldn't be anything wrong with using a personal example, either.  Just hope they don't turn it around later and say they don't want their children to be in the spotlight.  Can't expect to have it both ways if you are going to put them out there yourself.  That don't mean someone should go out of their way to put them out there in a bad way, though;
  • Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party convention over the weekend.  Had notes written on her hand like she was cheating on a civics test in high school.  Not sure about all the particulars as to why she wrote on her hand and not on note cards.  Maybe she thought of something she wanted to be be sure to mention as she was walking to the stage.  Don't know.  But, it don't look real good.  Not very professional at best.  Mostly unprepared at worst.  Just something someone already looked down upon by the media should consider; 
  • Read some speculation the other day that the Feds are being tough on Toyota since they are competition for Government Motors (that's what some folks are calling General Motors nowadays).  Since we the people own most of GM now, it will help our bottom line to make the competition look bad anytime they can.  Not saying I necessarily buy it, but some interesting food for thought;
  • Hard to believe NASCAR has started back up again.  Got the Daytona 500 this weekend.  Looks like Danica Patrick will run in the Nationwide (one step below the Sprint Cup in case you don't know) race on Saturday.  Could be interesting.  Hope she does well.  The sport could use a little boost.  Lost interest myself last year when they flat out caught Jimmy Johnson and Mark Martin cheating in a Chase race and did nothing about it. Both cars were about an inch lower than NASCAR allows.  Don't sound like much, but it was a race they totally dominated over the rest of the field so it must have been something.  If they allow the drivers to start racing again instead of just driving around in circles, will probably watch again this year.  Will have to see;
  • Read an interesting snippet on Dale Earnhardt, Jr, this week.  Someone asked him if he had to win to be a central figure in the sport.  His reply: "Apparently not."  Purty astute if you ask me.  Hasn't won a race in a couple of years, and he's still the most popular driver, probably for no other reason than who his daddy was and how he died.  Think all he wants to do is race and be himself.  Too many other folks want him to be his daddy reincarnated, and that ain't fair to him.  Ain't but one Ironhead and there won't ever be another.  If you ask me, all of The Intimidator's fans should have gone to Tony "Smoke" Stewart.  He's the closest thing out there to Number 3.  Anyway, hope Jr has a good year this year.  While Smoke is my favorite driver, will be rooting for anyone but Jimmy this year;
  • Certainly been some odd weather around the country this year.  Heard last year that if there's thunder in January, there will be snow in February.  Well, we had thunder around here in January.  Will see if it happens this year.  Had thunder last year and snow on March 1, which was purty close.  Had some snow flurries Saturday and Sunday.  Might have to count that.  One odd thing is, with all the snow we're having in the States, read they are having to haul snow in for the Olympic snowboarding events next week in Canada.  Strange days indeed. 
Well, that's all I got fer now.  Thanks for hanging in this long.  Y'all have a good'n!


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