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Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Might Be Getting Old If...

Have had time to do some thinking cuz it's just too dang cold to go outside this weekend in the Deep South. Normally cold weather doesn't affect me, but just not ready for it right now. Anyway, sometimes when you think, you think deep thoughts and you feel like you resolve some issues. Other times, not so much. Well, this has been a not-so-much weekend.

One topic which has been in me gray matter is some things which MIGHT indicate your getting a little long in the tooth. Decided to share my thoughts with you. So, here we go, some signs you MIGHT be getting old:
  • Realizing the coaches you see on TV are the same guys you used to watch play the game
  • The players you watch now are the children of the players you used to watch several years ago
  • The floor is not making the creaks and pops heard while you walk
  • Wondering how the person who cuts your hair snuck in those silver highlights you see in the mirror
  • Hearing songs you've always liked on Muzak
  • Actually liking the Muzak version a little better than the original
  • Hearing new songs on the radio and wonder, "What the &$*# is that?"
  • Never hearing of today's pop stars until they make headlines for all the wrong reasons
  • Predicting the weather by which body part aches
  • Pondering longer on how your body may react rather than how it tastes when choosing food and drink
  • Starting sentences with the phrase "Well, when I was your age..."
  • Instead of going out on the town at 11 pm, you hope you can stay awake 'til then
  • Seeing sunrises cuz you're just getting up rather than just getting in
  • The anti-establishment behavior you used to think was cool now annoys you
  • You're not crazy about your kids watching Looney Tunes because now you understand the humor
  • Not making fun of the Lifealert and Little Rascal commercials anymore
  • Having to ask your kids how to work the latest techno-gadgets

These are just a few I've thought of. Please feel free to submit a few of your own.

Stay golden.

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  1. So, so true! I've experienced those all as well.