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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Gapses in the Synapses

Before I get started, want to point out the music which is playing. This song is the Apocalyptica song I've talked about several times on here. It's their version of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters using nothing but cellos. Hope you like it. If you don't, you can always turn your volume down. Thanks to my wife for showing me how to get it loaded on here.

A few random thoughts:
  • Really enjoyed running in the Susan G Komen, a great and wonderful cause, Race for the Cure 5K this weekend. Hope you can tell that from my previous post, but thought I would say it again. It is an awesome cause. The only drawback is there are a lot of walkers who start in front of people who want to run. Think I covered an extra half mile weaving in between all of them. One or two people walking together is not a big deal. But, when there are 6 people walking side-by-side, that is a little much when you choose to start in front of runners. Not trying to discourage people from participating any way they can. Just think you should be a little more cognizant of your surroundings if you are going to do that;
  • My kids are out on fall break for the next two days. Fall break?! We never had that when we were in school. Why, we had to walk to school in 6 feet...wait, never mind about that. Anyway, it seems like they take a lot more breaks nowadays than when we went to school. More power to 'em, I reckon;
  • Anybody play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook? Can't decide if I like this new version or not. You score a lot more points, but it seems a little less challenging. Does anybody else think of Bill Murray in Caddyshack when the voice says, "Excellent"? Kind of sounds like Montgomery Burns on The Simpsons, too;
  • So, the Nobel committee awarded President Obama their peace prize. It's their award. Reckon they can do what they want with it. Couldn't believe it when I first heard it. Made a little more sense when I read they sometimes do that to encourage people to continue their course. Hope no one is mad at the president for it. He didn't vote on it and probably would tell you he doesn't deserve it at this point, either. Personally am in the school of thought that thinks this may make things even tougher on him. We shall see;
  • Looks like there will be some form of health care reform before too long. All for that, just hope they hold the course with no public option. There's no way the country will be able to afford it, and there's only so long we can keep spending money we don't have. We may all be millionaires in the future but a loaf of bread will cost $5,000 because the dollar won't be worth the paper it's printed on. That's what happens when governments keep printing money with nothing behind it. It leads to inflation, which is a deeper discussion than I want to get in to right now. Just to give you an idea of what can happen: after World War I, Germany kept printing money so its people would have money. They eventually printed so much of it that it was worthless and people were using their paper money as wallpaper. Let's hope that doesn't happen here;
  • Saw where someone is auctioning off some of Michael Jackson's hair which was burnt back in 1984. First, wonder who would want to buy it (although I'm sure someone will)? Second, why would someone keep something like that all this time? What is this world coming to?
  • This is a good time of year for TV. Survivor, Biggest Loser, and Amazing Race are all on the airwaves. If they could have Deadliest Catch on, too, it would be perfect. Of all of them, I would want to be on Survivor the most followed by Amazing Race. I'm overweight, but nowhere near enough to be considered for the Biggest Loser. Was disappointed Coach Mo was sent home from BL last night, but when I saw him wearing that boot, figured that was foreshadowing he was not much longer for the show. Am soooo ready for the lawyer to be out of AR. He just grates on my nerves because he always talks about how smart he is but he can't find his way out of a paper bag then blames it all on his soon-to-be wife. Oy;
  • Was sad to see Captain Lou Albano died yesterday. You may know him from the Cyndi Lauper videos. Or, you may actually know him from WWE wrestling but just don't want to admit it. He was a great villain and knew how to keep the crowd involved. Not many around today like him. RIP, Captain Lou;
  • In case you're curious, my cholesterol came back at 173. At least it's below the 200 threshold, but still have to watch it. Encourage you to have yours tested, too. If you have health insurance, check to see if you have preventive medicine coverage cuz this would fall under it and there's usually no deductible for that particular coverage. Have to go back Monday to get my blood pressure retested to see if I will need to start medication for that. Not holding out much hope on that.

In the words of the great Mick Foley, "Have a nice day!"


  1. Yes, all these breaks are taking away our summer vacation..... it grates on my very last nerve!

  2. My kiddos dont have fall breaks...hmmm we must be missing out on something here in Nebraska!!! as for the rest of your thoughts well Its best I dont get started..I will take up all your space!! But thanks for sharing your thoughts..I agree with them...seriously I do!!! I just know I can get to rambling and never stop! See look at this comment...hehe