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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm

Last time said I was going to have a blog on things I worry about. Don't really worry about many things, but do think about quite a few. Thought I'd list a few just in case someone has some answers for me. So, here are some things that make me go, "Hmmmmm."

I wonder:
  • Do aliens really visit us? Hard to believe in the vast universe there is not life somewhere else. But, are they really advanced enough to visit to us? If they are that smart, why would they want to contact us in the first place?
  • How can people see the miracle of life and the beauty of nature and not know God exists? Too many things had to go right for all of this to just be random luck.
  • If Lincoln were observing our society today, would he say, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, some people some of the time, but some folks just ain't going to believe anything!" Some people are so hard core on both sides of the aisle, they wouldn't believe the other side if the Heavens parted and the angels sang while they were talking.
  • Why do women get upset when men leave the seat up? If we can go to the trouble of lifting it, seems like they could take the time to make sure it's back down.
  • If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we design a remote that beeps so we can always find it?
  • How can anyone not love the Muppets?
  • How could anyone truly believe they would survive a nuclear war?
  • Will the people on Big Brother actually be worth watching this year? The last couple of years have been iffy at best.
  • How can anyone really believe we are going to spend our way out of debt? Sure explains a lot about the state of our country.
  • If anyone else has noticed society's downward turn started about the same time prayer was taken out of schools?

These are just a few of the things rattling around in me head. Thoughts and comments are welcome.


  1. oh geez as if I dont have enough going thru my own head...now I just added to them!!!!! Do have to say you wouldnt HAVE to go thru the trouble of lifting the seat if you could aim worth a damn...and not dribble afterwards...so its either lift it or clean it when you are done....so see its best to just lift and then put back down when you are done...right???? That kind of remote would be awesome...maybe even for keys and such you know things we lose alot. If anyone else has noticed society's downward turn started about the same time prayer was taken out of schools? ALOT happens when people start telling others when and where they can or cannot pray!!!!

  2. I get upset because I always fall in!!!!

  3. Dena, agreed. Could seem this way cuz we just hear about more things nowadays. After all, there's nothing new under the sun.

    Unfortunately, age has more to do with the former than aim. The way I see it, since we were polite enough to raise the seat, seems like we could be forgiven when we forget to put it back down and you guys could check first just to make sure.