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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Gapses in The Synapses

More totally random thoughts:

  • Hate seeing all the recent celebrity deaths. Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon were kind of expected. Michael Jackson and Billy Mays were not. Always sad whether you liked them or not.

  • Have you noticed there are more photos of the old Michael being used than the new one? Maybe it's just me. Guess it's cuz most people want to remember him from Thriller and before. Was never much of a fan of his, but can see why he was such an icon.

  • Thought the other day how I was 9 when the King of Rock and Roll died and my children are now 8 when the King of Pop died. Odd.

  • Anyone heard anything about Kris Allen since he won American Idol? It was a real avalanche of press for Adam Lambert, though. Funny how it's seemed to end now that Rolling Stone got him to admit he's gay. Almost as if the media was racing to see who could get him to admit it first. Can't figure out why that would be so important. Could care less if he (or anyone else) is gay or not.

  • How is it that the wind was blowing so hard in Destin Sunday there were practically white caps in the swimming pool, but you couldn't feel a breeze at all Sunday night even though the flags and trees were swaying like all get out? We played miniature golf and I looked like I had stepped right out of the shower when we were through. Unbelievable.

  • How is it that kids can remember the things you say in passing but can't remember the important things you tell them?

  • Only in America can a government think it will decrease the debt by borrowing more money without paying off any of the old debt. We've borrowed over a trillion dollars in the last year or so without paying off any old debt. Wish a bank would do that for me.

  • My wife told me today she can smell a hurricane, which usually means the FL/AL/MS Gulf Coast will get hit. Before you laugh, she's rarely wrong about it. Seems to me like she usually smells them about 2 months before they hit. Now that's talent!

  • Always remember two things: 1. No matter where you go, there you are; and, 2. Smile cuz Jesus loves you despite who you are (lucky for me!).


  1. Great post! Your right on spot about the government. It's very scary to me! Your wifes comment... I have lots of friends in Houston, will they be OK?? I'll need to warn them if it hits there and I'm planning on going there to see my friends who just moved there, just needing to plan accordingly! And thanks for the reminders... I need them sometimes!

  2. another great post....I like your random thoughts....it is sad about all the ones thats died lately...but then I think its sad when anyone dies....I agree with you on the whole who cares about adam lambert being gay or not...its his life let him live it how he wants to live it. Ive come to believe that kids have selective remembering syndrome its kind of like the male selective hearing thing...hehe (you probably didnt find that funny huh?) Im still laughing...hehe as for your wifes talent...maybe you could make some money off of that!!!

  3. Susan, she usually only smells the ones which affect the Redneck Riviera. Doesn't mean one won't hit Houston. She just don't smell those. Dena, what was that you said? Had my selective hearing on. :-) As I was typing that, I could hear my wife saying the same thing. BTW, glad y'all enjoyed the post! Thanks!