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Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to A

All right. So I did the Alphabet meme (what a cool word, wonder how it's pronounced) the other day. When it came to what annoys me, I answered there were too many to list. Many people wanted to know what they were. OK, made that part up, but thought I would share them, anyway.

Here we go:

  • People who feel a need to show me they are smarter than me. We both know you are. No need to rub it in.
  • People who refuse to look at both sides of an issue. Both sides usually have good points.
  • Why do you practically have to put your hands on the sensor to get water to come out of an automatic faucet, but the soap dispenser will shoot soap out as you walk across the room?
  • Artistic people. OK, I admit it. Actually jealous of you folks. Wish I was more like you.
  • People who keep their hands-free devices on all the time. You don't look cool. You look like a dork who thinks whoever may call is more important than the people you are with. Not saying you do. Just looks that way.
  • Why do Americans want to be like Europeans so bad when we have fought at least four wars so we wouldn't be a part of Europe? Think of how many times you've heard, "It's all the rage in Europe" or "Well, in Europe they..." If I wanted to be like a European, I would move there.
  • Groups you've never heard of protesting things just so you will find out they are there. Don't want to give any examples because that will just serve their purpose. Sure you can think of some on your own.
  • People who make fun of things they don't understand. Usually says more about them than the thing they are making fun of.
  • People who make fun of pro wrestling fans by saying, "You know it's fake, don't you?" Yes, they do. You know "Pretty Woman" ain't a true story and Latifah ain't a real queen, right? It's called "suspension of disbelief." Maybe you should have paid more attention in high school English.
  • How can every car dealer in town have the lowest prices and the best deals? Think about it.
  • People who's automatic response is "it can't be done" when they are asked to do something. Good thing our soldiers didn't think that way on D-Day.
  • People who don't want to realize this country was founded on Christian principles. There's a reason God is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, we say "So help me God" when taking an oath, and "In God We Trust" is our motto, among other things.
  • People who use big words they probably can't even spell. It doesn't make you sound smart. It makes you sound snooty.
  • People who think sports are the most important thing in life. Unless that's what you do for a living, there are more important things in life like your family, your job, and God just to name a few. Cheer for your favorite team, follow what is going on with them, but your view on life should not hinge on whether your team won or lost that week.
  • Why are people obsessed about how we were made? It's more important why we were made. Besides, if you read Genesis, the order of creation pretty much follows what science says happened. And it was written long before people had any notion of what science claims to know now.
  • Non-Southerners trying to speak Southern in the movies and on TV. Most are not even close. Give it up.
  • Myself because I'm guilty of most of these, too.

Well, feel a little better now. Kind of like that "Far Side" where the doctor has been pushed out the window of the stress clinic and the caption said "Hey, I feel better now." Gary Larson is a genius. Wish he would come back. Would start reading the paper again just to see his work.

A few odds and ends to finish with. I added an e-mail link to my profile. Feel free to drop me a line. May post a list of things I worry about (for lack of a better phrase) before the week is over.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you.

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