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Monday, March 22, 2010

Disney Vacation

Well, just spent a week visiting with The Mouse.  Went on the cruise then headed over to Orlando for a couple of days of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  As usual, had some random observations rattle around in me noggin.  So, will share ‘em with you so I can clear ‘em out of me head.

If you’re ready, here we go:
  • What is it about Disney that inspires people to plop down $30 onPP&S Pirate Minnie crazy hats which you won’t wear the next day much less after you get home?  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The sorcerers hats, the ears, etc.  We were guilty of it, too.  Bought a bunch of stuff for the Pirates in the Caribbean party on the boat which will probably never be worn again.  Unbelievable; 
  • Disney is all about customer service.  They will do anything they can to make a guest happy as long as it’s within reason.  About the only time they willingly disappoint guests is when the characters leave with people still in line to see ‘em.  There’s just no way around that, though;
  • That being said, they’re all about customer service cuz they’re all about the Benjamins.  Happy guests open their wallets way more often than unhappy ones.  They nickel and dime you until you’ve spent way more than you realized/wanted.  Nothing wrong with keeping your business afloat, but wish they would let me keep some of my money for when I get back home;
  • Magic Kingdom Castle Quote of the week from my daughter:  “You mean they charge to get into Disney?!”  as we were pondering a last  minute trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Ah, the innocence of childhood;
  • Quote of the week from my son: “Why do people congest the roads” as we were sitting still on the interstate for the umpteenth time for no apparent reason while trying to get home Saturday.  Wish I had an answer for him.  Just can’t understand how traffic can stop on a road with no stoplights or stop signs when there are no wrecks;
  • P&P w Hook There are some Bama fans that work at Disney.  When I took pictures of Mickey and Minnie on Castaway Cay, both gave me the thumbs up for the Bama cover on my iPhone.  Figured they did that for everyone regardless of the school.  Well, when I took my son’s picture with Capt. Hook, he did the same thing and gave a hand cheer when I said, “Roll Tide.”  My son said, “War Eagle” (yes, he cheers for the other side, sigh) and Hook gave him a thumbs down.  Would guess that’s not standard procedure;
  • The smiles on your family’s faces make it worth all the money  spent and time spent standing in lines.  Memories truly are priceless.
A cast member asked us if we were having a good time.  Told ‘im we wouldn’t be talking with him to book our cruise for next year if we weren’t.  Although we had a great time, it’s always  nice to get back home and sleep in your own bed…even though it rained, hailed and snowed the day we got back with a little bit of sunshine thrown in, too. 

Thanks for letting me reminisce a little.  Hope it made you think of some of your own great vacation memories.

Until next time…

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 Family w Sailor M&M

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