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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Synapse Gaps

Every time me thinks the news just can’t get any stranger,  it does.  Reckon that’s what I get for thinking.   So if you want to read  commentary on some recent news, please continue.
  • If you are into smoking left-handed cigarettes, Statewide Insurance Services has decided to add coverage for medicinal marijuana to their health insurance policies.  They said it’s already legal in 14 states and they figure won’t be too long before the rest follow suit.  Would it surprise you to find out they are based in California?  Anyway, if you’re into that kind of thing and want some coverage, all you need is to live in a state where it’s legal, find a doc to give you a prescription, and buy their insurance.  Now, that’s what I call thinking outside the box;
  • It’s come out the former mayor of Birmingham won 555 times at the local electronic bingo establishments over the last 3 years.  Total winnings:  around $1.5 million.  Although he says he doesn’t remember winning like that, claimed the winnings on his taxes so it must be true.  Some days he won close to $100,000.  Several workers have said they were told by management to take him to the “lucky” machines.  Imagine that.  Don’t have anything against gambling myself. But, does go to show what kind of character the gambling moguls can have.  In case you’re wondering why he’s the former mayor, he was recently convicted of taking bribes from several other folks and is about to be sentenced to the pokey.  Surprised?;
  • See where Tigger went home from rehab a little over a week after his statement.  Wonder why he couldn’t have waited another week or two?  Maybe he really was trying to stick it to the sponsor who dropped him during their tournament.  Or, maybe he just wanted to be able to get away for a while from the media hubbub he knew would come after he talked.  Who knows?  The real question to me:  is he sleeping in his bed or on the couch?;
  • Nancy Pelosi said the other day the politicians should vote for healthcare reform, even if it jeopardizes their political career, cuz it’s what the people want.  As a friend of mine said, if it’s what the people want, why would a vote for reform put their careers in jeopardy?  Sometimes people really should think before they open their yap in public;
  • Read where the Chilean earthquake caused the earth’s axis to shift slightly.  Something about the rocks moving  which caused the earth’s weight to shift.  Anyway, it will result in shorter days.  Have lost about 1.26 microseconds according to a NASA scientist.  Not something I would necessarily think about with an earthquake.  The article said the fact it happened is not that unusual but the length of time is.  In comparison, the quake that triggered the tsunami in 2004 only altered the time by .06 microseconds (whatever that is).  On a side note, have found it interesting the world is not coming to Chile’s aid like it did Haiti.  Reckon it’s cuz of the lower death tolls.  Still a sad event, though;
  • Guy Morriss, the head football coach at Texas A&M-Commerce, was bragging about teaching his players how to steal.  Seems the student newspaper had a headline about several players getting busted for selling drugs so he told his players to go out and get every copy they could find.  Problem was, the first paper was free then it’s $0.25 for every copy after that.  Since they were taking them stacks at a time without paying the quarters, the paper accused them of stealing.  Coach said there was nothing wrong with telling his players to take the papers.  How much you want to bet there will be another headline soon which reads, “Morriss Gone!”?
  • Just how fickle is the American public?  Jay Leno, who couldn’t draw flies to his prime time show, handily won the ratings war when he returned to his old time slot Monday.  Go figure.  Can’t imagine his show is any different.  Maybe it’s cuz the head musician got canned when they moved back.  Who knew?;
  • See where Sully Sullivan has decided to hang up his wings.  Might as well, he’s been making so many public appearances (and rightly so) after he landed that plane, probably doesn’t have enough time for his real job.  Congrats on making it to retirement, Sully!  Hope you have a long and fulfilling flight into the sunset.
Well, that’s all I got for now.  Thanks as always for hanging on to the end.  Y’all have a good one!
Until next time…

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