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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Idol Rankings

Wasn't able to watch the show live last night so watched it on DVR today. Slash was more insightful than I initially gave him credit for. Shame on me. Thought all the solo performances were just OK as was the Danny/Kris duet. Allison and Adam proved why they are the two best singers in the competition with their duet. Wow!

Rumor has it Slash was informally looking for a Velvet Revolver lead singer tonight. Will be interesting to see if that comes true or not.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Adam - Sounded to me like he was being drowned out by the band. Beginning to think he's more of a one trick pony than originally thought. Pretty dang good trick, though;
  2. Allison - Should be tough for a 17 year old to sound like a 20+ year old whose voice was soaked with Southern Comfort, cigarettes, and various other chemicals. Did a pretty good job, though. Had a hard time understanding the verses (or would have ranked her # 1) but the chorus came through loud and clear. Knew the judges were not going to like it much when Randy started with, "Check it out." Always a bad sign from him. Hoping her awesome performance in the duet will pull her through to next week;
  3. Kris - Just kind of there to me. Much like last week, he sounded good but there was just no electricity to his performance. Might not bode well for him in this week's voting;
  4. Danny - What a train wreck. This genre was definitely not for him. Thought he and Adam should have switched songs. What was up with Kara's "Thought you would sing some earlier Aerosmith like 'Crazy'?" Believe "Dream On" was recorded years before that song. Ugh.

If America voted with their ears, Danny will be make his first and last appearance in the Bottom 3. If not, it should be Kris.

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