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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cell Phones - Blessing or Curse?

As I was driving yesterday, noticed about half the drivers I passed were talking on cell phones. Could have been more because others may have been using some sort of hands-free device. Got me to thinking what did people do in their cars before cells phones and if cell phones are a blessing or a curse.

Never really wanted a personal cell phone. If it hadn't been for my wife, would have waited a long time before I got one. Now, if I had my way, we would not even have a land line anymore. But, my wife does not like to sit in the house and talk on her cell phone, which makes sense to me.

Here are some things to consider in this debate:

  • Always in touch
  • Can call someone as they enter your mind and not forget to call later
  • Emergencies
  • Usually have a camera when you really need one


  • Always in touch
  • Potential distraction while driving
  • Is that person talking to me, crazy, or using a hands-free device?
  • Can't have good face-to-face conversations because someone is always answering their phone
  • Hope what I'm hearing makes more sense to the person on the other end than it does to me

Think I struggle with the "Always in touch" part the most. Whatever happened to people wanting to get away from everything for a while? The car used to be a safe haven to some extent. If you were alone, no one could disturb you. You could listen to the radio or listen to the silence.

I blame cell phones for the state of music these days, too. Think about it. People don't listen to their car radio as closely because they are on the phone half the time. Since they aren't listening, they don't realize how awful all of today's so-called "music" is. They have also led to the rise of talk radio (news and sports). More people started listening when it became more interactive. If people are listening to talk radio, they ain't hearing what today's "music" sounds like. These lead to those American Idol moments of "What the *#&^ was that" when acts like Lady Gaga and No Doubt appear.

Anyway, have to say I believe cell phones are a blessing overall. There are times when I want to chuck mine into the nearest ditch. But, have to admit the overall positives far outweigh the negatives.

Have a blessed day.


  1. Love this post....I do think its a blessing to have a cell phone and yet yes at times I wish I could just get away from it!!! Sometimes Im just not in the mood to talk or text and yet if I dont answer or I dont text back then I feel like it makes me look bad. Because obviously they know I have my phone with me most all of the time (I have to..I have 2 kids in college I never know when they might need me for something) So if I dont answer then I fear they will think Im being a bit@h and well who wants to be labeled that????

  2. Cell phones are a blessing...... but it's all in how you use them........ that's a whole nother post in itself..... thanks for the idea!!!

    And the beach we go to for vacation.... doesn't have cell service....... AHHHHH.... it's like the Corona commercial where they roam the beach until they don't have any bars...... yep, paradise!!!

  3. Great post!

    I've often thought of getting an earpiece just so I can talk to myself in public and people might not think I'm crazy.

    And agreed - being too available. I don't like it.