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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back To Other Stuff

Well, there’s finally some things I feel the need to talk about.  If you’re curious, here we go:

  • Read an article the other day which says women buy and wear sexier clothes when they are fertile during the month.  It’s mostly done without much thought to it.  Guess it goes to show we are not much different from the animals after all.  Females in the animal world do all they can to attract males of their species.  And, much like the males in the animal world, men will drop everything and come a-runnin’ when certain things are being advertised, contrary to what the beer commercials want you to think;
  • Been lots of yammerin’ bout this dang mosque they want to build at “Ground Zero.”  Should they be allowed to build it or not?  Even President Obama has weighed in on it, sort of, but, will get back to him in a minute.  This is what I think about all this:  Do they have the right to build a mosque wherever they want?  Absolutely.  If you’ve got the money and the land is available, you should be able to build just about anything you want to anywhere you want to build it.  Is this the best location for them to build one?  Probably not, but don’t know exactly what their plans are.  Maybe they’re going to use it as some sort of memorial to the 9/11 victims.  I don’t know.  What I do know is you can’t blame 9/11 on Islam any more than you can blame the killing of abortion doctors  on Christianity.  Just because there are a few nuts in the religion don’t mean everyone who practices it is a nut, too.  And, like it or not, our country was founded on the principle that folks could practice any religion they want.  That’s why the First Amendment says the government shall not establish one over another.  I can just about guarantee you Iran wouldn’t let a Christian church or Jewish synagogue build anywhere they want.  Do you really want to live in a country which acts like that?;
  • Knew when President Obama spoke out in support of building the mosque, he was making a big mistake.  Know what he was trying to accomplish, but it was a miserable failure.  He tried to back out of it the next day by saying he wasn’t saying he agreed with the wisdom of building it there, but it was too late.  All those folks that say he’s a Muslim and not born in the US came out of the woodworks again.  This gave them the ammo they’ve been looking for, and apparently some people who didn’t necessarily believe them are starting to have second thoughts about whether they may be right after all.  First, think it’s been established the dude was born in Hawaii.  Get over it.  Second, he’s been a Christian for years, and, even if he is a Muslim, does it really matter?  A vast majority of Muslims are against the terrorists who just happen to be Muslim.  Even if he’s trying to be a subversive Muslim (and he’s NOT), there’s enough checks and balances in our system to keep him from being too successful at it.  In the long run, hope he learned he should think all the way through before he makes a prepared statement and make sure it says everything he wants it to say;
  • Keep seeing how the Dems are still trying to blame everything on W.  You know what?  He’s been gone for two years.  If all you have to run on after two years is “It’s all Bush’s fault,” you must not have much to offer, either.  Besides you had control of Congress the last two years of his presidency so you share some of the blame, too.  So, how bout both sides start coming up with some solutions and stop blaming each other for the mess we are in?  Thank you;
  • Football season is almost here, and I can’t wait for it to start.  Been following this whole Darelle Revis story a little.  For those of you who don’t know, he plays cornerback for the New York Jets.  When he signed his first contract, it was for 5 years at a little over a million dollars a year.  Now, after two years, he wants to renegotiate it and is holding out.  Part of me thinks he’s wrong cuz I’m sure he insisted on the five year part before he would sign it.  Understand they want some stability, but, why insist on a long-term contract when you know you will probably outgrow that contract in a couple of years?  But, then again, I also know the owners really have the upper hand in this whole deal.  Players only have a finite number of years to play so the sense of urgency is more on their end.  Owners can also terminate the contract anytime they want to.  That’s why the players insist on the guaranteed money in the contract.  I’ll just be glad once the games actually start so we can talk X’s and O’s instead of $’s.  Part of the reason I just enjoy pro football but am really a college football fan.  At least with college football, you don’t have to worry about things like contracts and whatnot.  You just have to worry about gettin caught payin’ them in the first place;
  • On a positive note, see where Vin Scully has agreed to come back to announce the Dodger games next year.  Will be his 62nd season with them.  I’m as big a Harry Caray fan as there is, but I think Mr. Scully is the greatest baseball announcer there ever was, is now, and ever will be.  Can remember watching him and Joe Garigiola calling the NBC Game of the Week on Saturday afternoons.  Vin was the perfect straight man to Joe’s humor.  He also has an natural ease of calling a game.  Much like Keith Jackson is THE voice of college football, Vin Scully will always be THE voice of baseball to me.

Well, that’s some of the things on my mind this week.  Feel free to let me know what’s on yours.

Y’all have a good one!

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  1. Very good thoughts on politics and the whole mosque thing....... much to think about!