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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Music Stuff

As some of you know, started posting song lyrics on Twitter and Facebook every morning.  Some have specific meanings, some are just for fun.  So, been thinking a lot about music lately (not that I ever really stop).  Got a few things thought I’d share with y’all.  Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t.  Don’t really matter.  That’s why there’s lot of choices on your radio dial.  But, if you’re curious what’s in the deep, dark recesses of my mind, let’s get started, a-one, and-a two, and a-three:

  • Know I’ve said this before and it really sounds a little crazy, but think The Police are really underrated by a lot of folks.  Every time I post lyrics from them, always get a reply from someone, usually bout how much they love The Police and their songs.  Yet, whenever a best-of list comes out, you rarely see their name on there, or, if you do, it’s way down the list.  They are the only band who’s elicited a response every time I’ve posted a lyric by them.  Just seems odd that they rarely get mentioned in the rarified air of the all-time greats;
  • Whenever I hear “Eruption/You Really Got Me” by Van Halen now, always think about our trip to Sea World last year.  They played this song during their finale in the Saturday night show.  Actually had a live guitarist play Eddie’s parts and he was purty awesome.  That was one of the best vacations we have ever taken and probably ever will.  These songs will bring back warm memories for me from now until I can’t remember no more;
  • A Twitter friend of mine, @sharongooner, took a poll for the best frontman and frontwoman in rock history.  Freddie Mercury won for the men with 21 votes.  Next closest person was Morrissey with 10.  And, just to prove my point on The Police, out of 145 votes cast for men, no one, and I mean NO ONE, voted for Sting.  Ironically enough, means I didn’t either.  Voted for Freddie and Bonn Scott (who tied for 5th along with David Byrne, Mick Jagger, and Michael Stipe with 5 votes each.)  Debbie Harry won the female vote.  Out of over 75 votes cast, she received 24 of them.  Next closest was Karen O (?) with 6 votes.  I voted for Debbie and Chrissie Hynde, who was alone in third with 5 votes.  Can’t argue with the overall results.  Thought they turned out pretty well.  Did show me there’s a lot of singers I’ve never heard of.  Reckon I need to branch out more.  If you’re interested in reading the blog, you can click on this link: sharongooner.  She also has the results of a poll she took on best guitarist ever.  Oddly enough, the two people I voted for in that poll also finished first and tied for fifth.  Strange…;  
  • The Deadliest Catch team played some awesome music during the whole Captain Phil saga.  Thom Beers’ choice to play Johnny Cash’s “Redemption Day” during the montage representing Captain Phil’s death was flat-out pure genius.  His choice of “All Roads Lead Home” by Golden State for the memorial sequence was awesome, too.  Can’t say I’d ever heard either song before then, but each was the perfect choice for the situation.  The episode where the crews find out about his death is on right now.  Getting goosebumps and this is the third time I’ve seen it…anyway, I digress ;
  • On the subject of depressing things, every time I hear a Nirvana or INXS song, think about how sad it is that both lead singers are no longer with us due to their own hands.  Don’t think anyone was surprised to find out Kurt Cobain had some real demons circling around in his head.  Imagine most folks were surprised at how he decided to silence them, though.  Have heard several theories about Michael Hutchen’s death.  No matter what led to it, it’s still sad such a talent ended that way;
  • On a happier note, read that Roger Waters and David Gilmour had a on-stage reunion the other day.  Needless to say, the crowd was stunned when Mr. Gilmour walked out on stage.  They were the classic yin and yang pair of musicians.  Roger knows how to tell a story with lyrics and David can weave quite the tale with the guitar.  Not sure how long the reconciliation will last this time around, but hope it sticks this go around.

Well, that’s all I got this time.  Appreciate you taking the time to read it, especially if you made it this far.  If you know who Karen O is, would appreciate if you’d drop me a note about her.  Will leave you with this: 

Take your time, hurry up.  The choice is yours.  Don’t be late.  Take a rest, as a friend, as an old memory….

Until we meet again… 

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