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Monday, May 17, 2010

Misfiring Synapses

Hola!  Got some random things to comment on.  Kind of passionate about one or two of ‘em.  The others, well, just need to get the voices out of me head.  So, if you’re ready, here we go:

  • Been trying to make good on learning Spanish to read the tweets from a couple folks I follow.  (Hi, @GadgetCLo and @MacoElenita!)  Took Spanish in college and learned a little more while I was working in Miami after Hurricane Andrew.  Still remember some Espanol and can occasionally pick up the gist of what they’re saying.  Just completely lost on some others and resort to Google to help me with it.  Try to write in Spanish every now and then.  Always had trouble with tenses and syntax and probably still do. Imagine they probably just laugh and are too polite to comment on my ineptitude.  @ingek73 has even started teaching me a little Dutch.  Some words I can figure out from what little German I remember from high school, but that ain’t many.  Doubt I’ll ever be fluent in either language, but, if I can get to where can half-way read ‘em, that’ll be a start; 
  • So, President Obama has named his choice for the Supreme Court, one Ms. Elena Kagan.  Now, I’ve heard a lot of things people are concerned about.  Some of them may be legitimate.  ‘Tis true she has liberal leanings, has no experience as a judge, and very little paper trail for people to investigate.  These might bother you depending on what you think makes for a quality Supreme Court justice.  However, there’s one thing people are diving into which I think has absolutely no bearing on how she will be as a judge: is she or isn’t she a lesbian?  Can anyone tell me why we should care about this?  There’s gay folks on both sides of the proverbial aisle.  So, whether she is or not should in no way determine if she’s qualified for the court.  Yes, the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination before God.  But, it also says it is not for us to judge others.  That is for The Big Guy to do whenever and however He sees fit.  There might not even be anything for Him to judge on this.  Have said it before and will say it again, got quite a few gay friends (and several I suspect) but could care less about it.  Far as I can remember, we’ve never even talked about it after they told me.  Sort of our own don’t ask, don’t tell policy, I reckon.  I love them just as much as my straight friends and, if for some reason we ever have a falling out, their sexuality will have nothing to do with it.  Anywho, I digress.  There’s lots of things to debate on this lady.  Let’s leave her sexuality out of it;
  • Been reading some nyah-nyahing about the fact Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, has been criticizing the Arizona immigration bill without actually reading it.  This coming from some of the same folks who criticized the healthcare reform bill and lots of other things.  Highly doubt they actually read those bills.  Guess that’s OK since they were the ones doing the criticizing.  Fact of the matter is, people comment on stuff they don’t know about all the time (myself included), and ain’t a thing in the world wrong with it, either.  Heck, people vote on stuff they don’t understand all the time.  Bottom line is, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.  Think I hear a lot of stones dropping out there. So, if you’re going to criticize him for commenting on something without reading it first, you better be sure you’ve read everything you criticize, too.  And, summaries on-line or in the newspapers don’t count;
  • Been some yammering in the sports pages about Brian Cushing, the 2009 NFL defensive rookie of the year, testing positive for a performance enhancing drug masking agent last year.  The AP was so “enraged” it decided to revote on the award.  Find it hard to believe there were no rumors out about this out there when they were voting last year.  These guys hear things all the time they don’t report on.  Someone probably talked last year about something this big.  And, he didn’t even test positive for a PED, just the masking agent, which turns out to be produced naturally by the human body.  Think most people could care less about the whole mess.  It’s not very shocking when an NFL player tests positive for anything like this.  Most folks figure it just ain’t natural for people to be as big as the players are without some sort of chemical help.  Comes across as a bunch of hollow indignation by the sports media guys.  Gives ‘em something to talk about, I reckon;
  • Been bad and haven’t run in almost a week. @FitBottomedGirl posted an interesting question on her blog, fitbottomedgirls.com, about whether exercise affects your mood or not.  Not really sure it affects my mood or not.  I’m purty even-keeled for the most part regardless of what’s going on.  But, sometimes can find solutions to things while I’m out running.  Maybe running helps me relax or just have to think about something during all that time.  Have quite a few friends who tell me they can feel their nerves changing when they haven’t exercised in a while.  So, maybe there’s something to it for some folks.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna write about for now.  Have some comments on the outcome of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians, but will save those for later in case someone DVR’d it and ain’t had a chance to watch it. 




  1. Would agree with you on bullet point number 2. BTW, am I a "suspect"?? Hey, just checking! On the last point, you know I have been an avid exerciser since college and it definitely makes me feel better. But as for running, all I usually think while doing it is "when is this going to be over"?