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Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts on Things

May’s ending on some big notes.  Most reality TV shows are crowning their winners.  The NBA and NHL are about to start their finals.  And, Congress is about to make one final push before their summer break.  Let’s just hope they do some good. 

Got a few things want to talk about.  Hope you’re as interested in reading about them as I am in thinking about ‘em:

  • Went to the grocery store and bought 8 items to the tune of $28.  Not sure what’s more shocking: the fact I spent $28 on 8 items or that I “saved” $12 by using my super saver card.  Now, come from a farming family and am all for farmers getting what’s owed to ‘em.  But, can remember food prices going up when gas prices skyrocketed a couple years ago.  Now that gas has come back down to more reasonable prices (relatively), seems like everything that went up cuz of higher delivery costs should come down, too.  Doubt the farmers are seeing much from the higher prices;
  • Been a little over a month since oil started spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.  So far the Obama administration has been content with letting BP manage the clean-up.  Have to wonder why the Feds haven’t been more involved in this.  Believe this is something which falls under Federal jurisdiction. As I understand it, the states control 2 miles off the coast and the Fed control out to about 200 miles.  Could be wrong about that.  Either way, still seems like something they should have a bigger hand in.  When Katrina hit, folks were upset that the Feds didn’t step in right away when things should have been the responsibility of the city, then the county/parrish, then the state way before the Feds should have been involved.  Wonder which celebrity will step out and say Obama hates fishermen and the environment?  Have to wonder what would have been said if this had happened 2-3 years ago.  To be fair, not really sure what they could be doing any differently.  But, would like to think something would be better than nothing.  Then again, we are talking about the US Gov’t…;
  • There’s been a lot of yakking about all the oil in the Gulf and how no one seems to care about cleaning it up.  Would like to point out there were 11 men killed when the explosion happened.  You just don’t hear much about them and their families.  Think it’s sad no one wants to talk about them;
  • Looks like the Kagan hearings will start next month.  The Clinton library is saying they won’t be able to get her documents they have together in time for the hearing.  Wouldn’t think it would be that hard to get them together.  Just go to the Kagan section.  Of course, this is the same institution that said they wouldn’t be able to get any of Hillary’s documents out in time for any of her elections.  Seems to be a pattern here.  Anyway, short of saying Hitler and Stalin were just misunderstood, doubt anything she’s written will matter.  Naturally, the Dems are behind her.  From what I’m reading, the moderate Pubs support her, too.  So, looks like she will be confirmed without much of a battle twixt the Left and the Right;
  • Arlen Spector lost his bid for the Democratic senate nomination in Pennsylvania.  Serves him right in my opinion.  It’s one thing when you switch cuz you believe more in the other side.  Seems pretty obvious he only switched parties cuz he thought it would save his butt in the upcoming election.  He was already trailing in the Republican race when he switched.  Guess he was trailing on the Dem side, too.  Guess you really can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  Wonder how many Pubs voted in the Dem election just to vote against him?;
  • So, have you heard the latest out in Arizona?  Appears they are searching out teachers who have heavy accents so they won’t teach English to non-English speaking students.  Sure wouldn’t want someone to learn how to speak a second language from someone who had to do it themselves.  As the great philosopher Mr. Bugs Bunny says, “What a bunch of maroons!”  Not only is this just downright stupid, it also plays right into the hands of folks who claim their immigration bill is racist.  Idiahts;
  • And now for some things completely different.  Was a lot of discussion again about if the right person won Survivor this season.  There’s no doubt Russell is a master manipulator/borderline bully.  However, his scorched-earth policy leaves him no friends on the jury, who are the ultimate deciders of who wins the $1 million.  Not really sure how someone who makes it to the end without making waves is any less of a survivor than the person(s) apparently pulling the strings.  You have to manage to stay out of the crosshairs while building relationships with the people you are voting out.  Sounds like an ultimate survivor to me.  Humans are social creatures by nature so we naturally gravitate towards those who know how to make friends and turn away from those who don’t.  That being said, while I am happy with Sandra winning, thought Parvati should have won.  She was targeted by everyone from day one and still made it to the end.  While her decision to team with Russell might have gotten her to the end, it ultimately cost her with the jury.  They hated him so much they wouldn’t vote for Parvati, either.  Just proves the adage bad company corrupts you more than it helps you in the end;. 
  • Pacman turned 30 years old last week.  (And, am talking about the video game, not the football player.)  Hard to imagine that was cutting-edge technology back then, especially when you consider how realistic video games are today.  Was never very good at it myself.  Was more partial to Asteroids and Zaxxon.  Still…Happy birthday, Pacman!!!;
  • Ran almost 67 miles in April.  So far, have only run about 27 miles in May.  Don’t think I’ll make 67 this month.  Can probably make close to 50 before June rolls around.  Will just have to see.

That’s all I got for now.  Hope y’all have a great week.

I’m out!

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