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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Accomplishments

Well, it's the end of the year so thought I'd do one of those cheesy blogs where you list all of your accomplishments for the year. Don't do it to brag about myself (OK, maybe just a little) but in the hopes you may think about yours over the year. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the good things you've done when you're caught up in the current moment.

All right, here we go:
  • Ran my first 5k race - Went on a health kick and started running. Led to my decision to run in the Susan G. Komen, a great and wonderful cause, 5k this year in honor of my grandmother and mother and in memory of my aunt. Had a blast even though it was cold and rainy. Not sure how many more races I will run in other than this one every year. But, we'll see...;
  • Lost 40 pounds - (My daughter just said she thought I'd lost close to 100. Must be cuz her birthday is Saturday) Another benefit of the health kick. Went to the doc a couple times this year and my blood pressure was higher than ever. So, decided needed to do something or else would have to start taking pills. Ain't old enough for 'em, yet, so started exercising. Didn't lose weight in Biggest Loser proportions, but still purty good by most standards;
  • Joined Facebook - It's been great finding and catching up with friends I haven't seen much less spoken to in years. Also led to Bejeweled Blitz and FarmVille addictions. Reckon you have to accept the bad with the good;
  • Started this blog - Joining FB led to starting this blog. Have had a hankering to do one for a while but just never did. Several of my friends have their own blogs and got inspired to actually do it. Get a lot of things out of my head this way, which leads to fewer voices. Have also "met" some people I now consider friends although will probably never actually meet or see them in this lifetime;
  • Travelled - Had two of the best vacations of my life this year with the family. Both involved going to Disneyworld. Wrote blogs about the memories inspired by both of them. Went several places for work this year, too, but nowhere very exotic to me;
  • Lots o' quality time with the family - When you travel as much as my job usually requires, this is not always easy. Have truly been blessed in this department this year;
  • Saw my daughter in her acting debut - She was one of the lead characters in the Christmas pageant this year. She was AWESOME!!! She played Cherry, the head of the Cherubims;
  • Saw my son play lots of baseball - He was AWESOME, too!!! Also got to play a lot of catch with him and his sister this year;
  • Played in the snow twice with my kids - No small feat for Birmingham, AL. A blast was had by all!;
  • Read the Bible all the way through - Well, will have as of tomorrow, anyway. Our church asked everyone to read it all the way through this year. Gave us a daily plan to follow, which really helped. Managed to keep up with it and will finish up tomorrow. A lot of good things in there when you actually take the time to read it.

Well, these are the accomplishments which come to mind. Like I said, not really trying to brag, just hoping it will trigger you to think about the good things that have happened to you over the year. Sometimes people tend to focus more on the negatives than the positives. Funny how that happens.

Overall, been a very good year. Truly appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs this year and hope you will continue into the next. If there is anything you would like to make a comment on, see me change or maybe even suggest a subject to write on, please feel free to drop a line through the comment section below or by sending an e-mail to ScotPS23@yahoo.com.

May God bless you and yours in the upcoming year!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I've dropped 26lbs and when I get back to work here soon and start walking 3+ miles a day I'm hoping more will come off.