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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some of My Travels (Now with photos!)

Part of my job involves travelling across the country. As a result, been able to see some of the wonderful sights our country has to offer. Thought I'd share some of them with you. Have a few photos. Some of these things I saw before I had a digital camera. Will just have to use your imagination for those.

Some of the better places I've been:

Jamestown, VA - Pretty cool seeing one of the first cities of this country. Got on the replicas of two ships people crossed the Atlantic in. Been on bass boats bigger than them. Gives you new respect for the courage they had to come to this country.

Bozeman, MT - Without a doubt, one of the prettiest places I've ever been. Truly a place with purple mountain majesties and amber waves of grain. Went to the Museum of the Rockies, too. Pretty nice little museum. Has complete dinosaur fossils, Native American history, and Montana history. Wish I could have stayed in Bozeman longer.

Mt. Rushmore, SD - The drive to it is pretty nice, too.

Brooklyn, NY - Went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle for church. An amazing experience.

Maker's Mark and Jim Beam distilleries, KY - Interesting to see how bourbon is made. Maker's Mark actually lets you dip your finger in one of the fermenting vats. They also give you a sample of "white lightning" (bourbon before it has aged) and a sample of the finished product.

Coon Dog Cemetery, just outside Red Bay, AL - A whole cemetery devoted to award-winning coon dogs. First one was buried there in 1937. The newest headstone I found was dated 2007. Did a Southern boy's heart good to see that.

Ronald Reagan Library, CA - Got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall, which was pretty neat. Best part was getting to see Reagan himself and being about 10 feet away from him. Now, THAT was cool!

Lincoln Memorial, Wyoming - Seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Was actually at a rest stop. Struck me as odd to considering it was barely a territory when he was president.

Pink Hockey Rink, Tri-Cities, WA - Home team (Tri-Cities Americans) was in pink jerseys, the goalie had a pink mask, and the ice was dyed pink. All for breast cancer awareness.

Some of the more interesting things I've seen driving down the road:

Sign in Kentucky - "Used Cows For Sale." Don't know exactly what that means and might not want to.

Literal herds of antelope, mule deer and elk out west.

The Rocky Mountains. We just have hills in the east compared to them.

Autumn in the Smokie Mountains. Talk about life in Technicolor...

Sign to National Bird Dog Museum. Gonna have to stop there next time I go by.

Suds Ur Duds - laundrymat in Corinth, MS. Gotta love it.

Electrical boxes in apartment complex parking lots in Bozeman. Gets so cold there in the wintertime people have to put heater coils on their engine blocks to keep them from freezing. That's cold!

That's just a few of the things I remember. You never really realize how wide open this country is until you drive across it. There are literally miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles in many parts of it. If you ever get the opportunity to drive across the Good Ol' USA, I highly suggest it.

Have e a great day!


  1. This post is just useless without pictures.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Had debated whether to use them or let people's imaginations run wild. Some things just flat out didn't have a picture of.