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Friday, August 14, 2009

Food for Thought

Some more random things:

-- Sad to see Les Paul passed away, but he definitely lived a full life. By inventing things such as the Les Paul Gibson guitar and multi-track recording, his influence will be felt as long as music is recorded. My prayers go out to his family for comfort during this time.

-- Speaking of music, as odd as this sounds, think The Police are underrated, at least when it comes to their lyrics. They've always been regarded as great musicians, but never really hear anyone talk about their lyrics. Just a thought that passed through me noodle while listening to the iPod today.

-- Saw where Andy Kessler also passed away. Never heard of him but he was supposed to be an innovator of skateboard tricks. What intrigues me about this is he died from an allergic reaction to an insect sting. He had to have wiped out many times on his skateboard. Sure some of them probably should have killed him. And, he ends up dying from something most of us wouldn't think twice about. Just shows the fragility of life and how we shouldn't just take things for granted.

-- On a related note, my useless info above said the color blue attracts mosquitoes. It also said mosquitoes have killed more people than all the wars in the world combined. Don't freak out, though. Just some "gee whiz" info.

-- Was driving through north Mississippi today and noticed a lot of signs advocating teen abstinence. Reminded me of all the anti-abortion/pro-life signs I saw while driving through Kansas last year. Anyway, just found it interesting. By the way, now that I'm a parent, I support teen abstinence.

-- Have to give the politicians credit for continuing to have town halls on the health care reform issue. Disappoints me to hear Congressional leadership talk about how people who are against health care reform are "anti-American." Probably didn't think folks who protested Bush's policies were "anti-American." Not sure the protesters are being organized by Republicans. Just think most people realize this particular cure is something our country will not be able to afford. Agree something needs to be done. Just don't think this is it.

-- Just in case you think a free press is not important to freedom, Hugo Chavez, the South American dictator, is shutting down all media who present points of view in opposition to him. Very scary. Once again, thanks to all you veterans (and your family members) for making sure our country is truly the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

-- Joyful, been praying for your nerve pain. Hope it's been helping.

Have a great day!

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