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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Empty Grave That Changed Our World

Hope everyone had a happy Easter this year.  Have said it before and will say it again:  Easter is the most important holiday in the life of a Christian.  It is what separates us from other religions because our Savior conquered the grave and it is now empty.  No other religion can claim that feat.  Every religion has a prophet or savior who was born into this world.  They also have a body in their grave....except for Christianity.

Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead so that we can eternal life after our time here on Earth is over.  Think about it.  God loves you so much that He sacrificed His Son so you can have enjoy everlasting life.  All He asks for in return is for you to love Him back.  There is nothing else we can do to earn this privilege.  While we will never love Him as much as He deserves, He will not hold that against us.  He will only deny us if we deny Him.

It's not that hard to love God and Jesus.  He doesn't even expect you to lead a "perfect" life.  So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Good word my friend. HE came to seek what was lost not preserve that which was found. If you are lost, HE is looking for you now.

    Don Patin

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