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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Mish-mash

Well, the holidays are over.  Hope everyone survived them OK.  We actually had a white Christmas at our house.  According to the news, the first one in about 100 years.  Was very pretty.

Got a few things to get out of the noggin.  So, if you’re interested, here we go:

  • The family went to Disney over New Year’s weekend.  Celebrated the new year and the twins’ 10th birthday.  Have never seen that many people in one place.  They reached capacity at 11 am on December 31.  The good news was, with the exception of one ride, we didn’t have to wait more than an hour for any attraction.  The fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom that night was the best I’ve ever seen.  Period.  Only had one real complaint about the whole weekend.  Rented a locker on New Year’s Eve.  When you return the key, you get a $5 deposit back.  When I returned my key, that particular register was out of cash and they gave me credit on my debit card.  I paid cash so I expected cash back.  After all, they had been raking in lots o’ cash all day long so know they had it there somewhere.  Anyway, the crowds thinned out starting on January 1 so the rest of the weekend was even more enjoyable.  The wife and I agreed we were glad we experienced it, but we’re not so sure we would want to do it again;
  • The new Congress starts this week.  Hope they accomplish some things that get our country back on track.  Have read the Pubs are going to spend the first few weeks doing things that look good but don’t have much meat to them such as repeal Obamacare.  Before you start to panic or celebrate, President Obama has the power to veto any repeals so it’s not very likely to happen since there are not enough Pubs to override a veto.  Would rather they immediately get to the meat, even though I’m still not sure what their plans are.  Will hope for the best on that.  Also read they are about to take a two week break.  Wish I could take two weeks off after starting a new job.  Oh well, guess those pesky things like unemployment will solve themselves eventually;
  • Speaker of the House Boehner cut Congressional staff budgets by 5%.  Some people have commented how this is only a small drop in the deficit bucket.  Reckon it’s mostly symbolic, but guess you have to start somewhere.  Looks like they are going to raise the debt ceiling again, which indicates spending will continue to increase.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Wish I could raise my debt ceiling at will like that;
  • Saw where the Pubs are going to read the Constitution out loud during an upcoming session.  Wonder if anybody will learn anything from it?  Frankly, will be surprised if many of the Congressmen hang around to hear it.  They have too much important stuff to do than hang around listening to someone read our most important document.  You know, things like planning junkets to exotic countries, attending lunches with special interest groups, working out at the gym.  Important stuff like that.  It is a good gesture, though.  If it helps one representative remember they are there to serve the people, it will be worth it;
  • Got the big BCS Championship game between Auburn and Oregon coming up.  Auburn is in the SEC and I like Oregon so it doesn’t really matter who wins to me.  Ultimately, my loyalty to the SEC will probably win out, though.  Think it will be a great game.  While Oregon hasn’t faced a defense like Auburn’s, Auburn hasn’t faced an offense who thinks they are going too slow if the ball isn’t snapped before the play clock hits 20.  Oregon definitely hasn’t faced a player the caliber of Cam Newton, either.  Won’t be surprised with either team winning.  Only thing that will surprise me will be a blowout by either school;
  • Heard the Ohio State fans were taunting the Arkansas fans with chants of “SEC!” after they barely beat the 4th or 5th best team in the SEC.  Congratulations, Big Ten fans, your conference went 1-3 against the SEC, including one of your co-champions losing by 42.  Can see where you would want to celebrate that accomplishment; 
  • Feel bad for TCU.  They’re undefeated with no chance of even being considered for the national championship.  More times than not, the BCS Championship game has had the two best teams playing in it.  In years like this one and 2004, you are left wanting a little more closure.  The NCAA says they don’t want a playoff because it will keep the athletes out of class too much.  The current bowl system stretches into the middle of January now.  How much more class would they really be missing?  Hope they will at least go to a “plus one” system in the next couple years.  We shall see.

Well, that’s all I got for now.  Going to get back to posting weekly again now that the holidays are over.  As always, thanks for hanging with me.  Please feel free to leave a comment or two.

Happy New Year!

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  1. FYI, I was for your team last year.... and was happy for y'all! TIME TO PAY IT BACK!