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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to Vote!

Just want to remind everyone in the good ol’ USA to cast your vote on Tuesday.  Thousands of men and women have paid the ultimate price for you to have the right to do it.  Please don’t let them have died in vain if you can help it.

Right after I moved to Daphne, AL, there was a vote coming up on raising some money for the library.  This old man asked if I was going to be voting.  Explained I had just moved there and hadn’t had a chance to register, yet.  (Forgot to mention I lived outside the city limits and couldn’t vote in that particular election, anyway)  He said, “Well, guess you’ll have no right to complain then, will ya?”  And, he was right in the big picture of things.  Anytime you choose not to vote, you give up your right to complain about how things are in the political world, or at least you should.  Country’s got enough people who complain.  If you ain’t gonna cast your vote, you are just as much of the problem as the people you‘re blaming.

So, please take the time to vote on Tuesday.  Lots o’ folks are saying this is an important election.  Every election is an important one cuz it’s gonna affect you one way or the other.  One thing about it: things ain’t gonna change unless you at least cast your vote.  Even a lot of dissenting votes sends a message to the eventual winner.  And, just for the record, even though I will not be in town for the election, have already cast my absentee ballot.   

Y’all have a good one!

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