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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Serious?

Every now and then, you read a story that just makes you want to say, “Are you serious?”  Sometimes it’s cuz you can’t believe what you just read.  Sometimes it’s cuz you have to wonder why is this a story in the first place?  Well, have seen a few of those this week that I feel the need to comment on.  So, if you’re curious what makes me say, “Are you serious,” here we go:
  • Bunch of folks were commenting on Twitter and Facebook about the dad-blamed Video Music Awards.  Ain’t exactly sure why, either.  First of all, they are on a channel called Music Television, which don’t even play music anymore, much less music videos.  Second of all, seems like there’s some sort of award show on every other week.  Feel like we are in award show overload.  To me, the only purpose for most of ‘em is for the artists to pat themselves on the back about what great artists they think they are.  Third, the artists feel like they have to get more and more extreme every year so people will pay attention to them.  (Reckon you probably heard about Lady Gaga’s meat dress or Cher’s plastic body whether you wanted to or not)  Guess mostly just can’t figure out why folks make such a big deal about the awards when MTV has nowhere near the influence on music and culture that it used to.  Hoping someone will explain it to me;
  • From the “Only in Alabama” department, some lady tried to set a roller skating rink on fire and to blow up the house of a roller derby coach apparently cuz her roommate and the coach were having some sort of dispute.  There’s barely any legitimate reasons to do something like that, much less over some stupid game.  That’s just plain nuts.  Hate to think what she would try against any opposing teams if they won against the team.  Imagine it will eventually come out she’s got some sort of mental deficiency (duh).  At least I sort of hope so.  Hate to think someone would have such little regard for human life to do something like this without some sort of mental defect.  Unbelievable.  And, all of this cuz of roller derby.  Roller derby?  Are you kidding me? Now, if she’d been upset over an Alabama or Auburn game…Just kidding, but sadly more Alabamians would understand why she did it;
  • If you’re gonna wear your britches around your knees while packing heat, try not to get busted for selling marijuana.  Dude in Minnesota was arrested for selling pot outside of a local restaurant.  During the process of the arrest, his baggy pants fell on the ground.  The female officer reached down to pull them up and felt a pistol in one of the pockets.  The suspect tried to claim it was an illegal search and seizure and pled it all the way up to the MN State Supreme Court.  The Court disagreed and now he’ll spend some extra time in the pokey cuz of his baggy britches.  Well, in all honesty, sure the officer would have found the pistol eventually and am sure the court probably took that into consideration.  But, still, sort of lends credence to the old saying, “Drugs will make you stupid.”  Just glad the court had some smarts about ‘em…for a change;
  • From the “Your Government Dollars at Work” category, read an article about how some of the stimulus money has been spent.  Apparently $823,200 went to a scientist at UCLA so he could study the effects of washing genitals after sex in South Africa.  Supposed to be about AIDS prevention.  Now, I’m about as much of a “big picture” person as you’ll probably ever find, but am having a hard time trying to figure out: A. what AIDS prevention in South Africa has to do with anything in the US; and, B. how this is supposed to stimulate the US economy and create jobs.  Guess you can argue preventing AIDS in Africa might eventually help prevent AIDS in the US.  And reckon the money did create (sort of) jobs for the scientist and his assistants.  But, still, don’t make much sense on the surface when that money could have gone towards creating jobs for people who have no kind of job at all.  After all, that’s what the stimulus bill was supposed to be all about.  And politicians wonder why the citizens have little to no confidence in their abilities…;
  • Am glad the preacher in Florida decided not to have the Koran burning after all.  The better angels of my nature would like to think they never really intended to go through with it all along.  Reckon we’ll never know, though.  Did see a poll on CNN.com this week asking if they had the right to burn it in the first place.  Can’t believe this is actually debatable.  Of course they have the right to burn it.  But, as I’ve said before, just cuz you have the right to do something don’t make it right to do that something.  But, what really struck me about this question was the attempt to grossly oversimplify the whole situation.  This whole story was about ignorance, censorship, intolerance, and attention-grabbing more than anything else.  That’s one of the downsides of our freedoms: the media is a big part of the problem in these matters.  The preacher became addicted to the attention and the media just kept fueling him on with it’s continuous coverage.  But, if the press ain’t free, we ain’t free so reckon we have to put up with the bad so we can have the good.  Still don’t make their question make any more sense to me, though;
  • Every time I got in the car today, the folks on ESPN radio were talking about something Derek Jeter did that was just so egregious they couldn’t believe he did it.  Irritating thing was they never would say what he did.  So, when I got in, had to look it up.  Folks, here’s what he did that was so bad:  he faked getting hit by a pitch.  Holy cow!  Stop the presses!  A player tried to get an advantage in a game!  Oh, the humanity!!!!  Turns out the pitcher threw inside and hit the knob of the bat (Jeter admitted after the game he had not been hit).  The umpire asked him if he got hit and he started flopping his arm around like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.  The Yankees were trailing at the time and he was doing anything he could to get on base, which is his job.  The next dude happen to hit a home run.  Yankees still lost the game, though.  Now, no-way, no-how am I anything close to a Yankees fan, but have to applaud the man for what he did.  Even the opposing manager, who got thrown out of the game for arguing Jeter didn’t get hit by the pitch, said he didn’t think Jeter did anything wrong and would encourage his own players to do the same thing.  The real rub to the media is Jeter’s a real media golden boy and they now feel betrayed cuz he’s just a competitor trying to win at all costs just like everyone else in the world.  Well, I say, get over it!  It’s called taking advantage of baseball’s stupid decision not to use replay more.  Nobody would be complaining if he had leaned into the pitch to get hit.  They’d be praising him for “taking one for the team.”  Not much difference in my mind.  It’s debatable whether either one is ethical, and getting hit intentionally is agin the rules, too.  So, chill out, Baseball Media.  You’re making a big deal out of absolutely nothin’;
  • Finally, in case you don’t know, marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal out in California.  Well, for those folks who want the effect from the HTC but don’t want to inhale, they now have marijuana-flavored ice cream.  Article I read says every pint is the equivalent of about eight joints.  Said it is literally flying off the shelves of the places that can legally sell it.  If you build a better mousetrap…  Now, never had a hankering for mary jane myself, but have seen and heard about the mythical “munchies” the stuff can cause.  Reckon having weed mixed in with your ice cream might solve that little dilemma.  As the great Briscoe Darling, Jr., used to say, “More power to ya…”   
Well, reckon that’s enough for now.  Appreciate ya making it to the end of the mumbo-jumbo that are my thoughts, if you want to call them that.  As always, all comments are welcome whether you’re fer me or agin me.

I’m out!

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