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Monday, June 28, 2010

Whole Lot of The Other…

Haven’t been in much of a mood to blog lately, but there’s some things going on need to yak about.  So, here we go:

  • So, did you get your iPhone4, yet?  Ordered mine on the day you could pre-order them.  Got one for The Mrs, too.  Ours were even delivered a day early.  My wife loves hers.  Have been out of town so haven’t been able to use mine, yet.  A friend here got his so I have been able to see one.  Can’t wait to see mine.  Took Apple two months to sell 1 million iPads.  They’ve already sold more than 1.5 million of the iPhone4’s.  In reality, it’s taken about five days to sell that many.  Unbelievable.  Like the man said, if you build a better mouse trap…;
  • Been lots of talking about the U.S. Soccer team and the World Cup.  Reckon congratulations are in order for making the elimination round.  Not much of a soccer fan myself.  Have to admit had fun on Twitter during the U.S.–England match.  Many of my English friends were cracking jokes.  Best one I saw was from my bud @LordNeil who said something about the Americans showing up around 19:41.  Retaliated with we just might show up in the mid 17’s or early 18’s.  He came back with yes, but the English would have been around since the 14’s.  Purty funny for a history geek like me.  Turned out we scored our goal at the 40 minute mark.  Told him reckon we really do show up in the 40’s.  Guess we did OK, though, even if the English goalie pulled a Bill Buckner.  Lots of Englanders got a kick out of the New York Post saying we won by tying the game.  Anyway, not sure soccer/football will ever take off here in The States, though.  Figure if guys couldn’t get interested when ladies were running around taking their shirts off, there’s not much hope;
  • That was some match at Wimbledon tween John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.  11 hours and 5 minutes total with 138 games in the final set alone.  Most matches that go 5 sets probably average about 60 games for the whole match.  Now, I realize they played over 3 days, but you have to have a lot of endurance to play that kind of match.  Pretty amazing.  Not much of a surprise that the winner of the match, Mr. Isner, lost his next match pretty quickly.  Had to be worn out.  But, it gave folks something to talk about and also reminded people that Wimbledon is even going on;
  • Lots of talking last week about General McChrystal stepping down as commander over the Afghanistan operation.  Still ain’t sure if he quit or got fired.  Either way, he had to go.  Can’t have someone that high up in the food chain making fun of the Commander in Chief and the Vice Commander in Chief in a public forum like that.  Have to give him credit for one thing, though.  At least he didn’t try to squirm out of it by saying he was “quoted out of context” or anything lame like that.  Or, if he did, I didn’t hear about it.  Know there’s lots of folks who agreed with what he said, but just cuz folks agree with him, don’t make it right.  Freedom of speech don’t apply in the military, but I sure appreciate them defending my right to have it;
  • Well, last Friday marked the one year anniversary of the death of a true icon, Farrah Fawcett.  It was touching to see all the tributes and…what’s that you say?  You only saw the ones for Michael Jackson?  Yeah, me, too.  Not saying they weren’t deserving.  Think what makes me wonder a little is the fact his family is now trying to claim he was murdered. According to LaToya, he was murdered for his back catalogue of music.  Didn’t even know she was still talking to the family.  As shocking as his death was, it was a tragic accident to someone with a sad addiction.  That doc may have been a nincompoop, but doubt he was purposely trying to kill the King of Pop.  Just a sad, sad story;
  • Speaking of sad stories, The Deadliest Catch has finally gotten to Capt. Phil having his stroke.  Came shortly after finding out his son Jake is an addict.  Have been thinking all season that Jake was acting like an addict so wasn’t that surprised to find out he is one.  Hope he gets the help he needs.  In an odd way, it led to Capt Phil being in port when he had his stroke.  They came in early so Jake could go to rehab.  Ended up not saving Phil, but at least he had a chance.  Am curious how the producers are going to handle this whole situation.  Have read they are going to stretch it out over 6 episodes.  Not sure how much will focus on Jake but know Capt Phil will definitely be a main focus.  Hope I can make it through without crying…;
  • Just so I can end on a higher note: who in blue blazes is Lady Gaga and why should I care what she’s doing at Mets and Yankees games?!  And, even more, why should I care what Jerry Seinfeld thinks about her?!  Now, I know who she is, and I understand she’s a big star and everything, but could care less how she’s dressed at a baseball game and whether or not she was allowed in the dressing room after the game.  Just stick to singing, Honey, and, put some clothes on when you’re out in public.  You got the cash.  Spend a little of it to help out the clothing industry if nothing else.

Y’all have a good one!

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  1. Getting an iPhone when cash starts coming in... so by the end of next month! Yea!! Loved the Lady Gaga part.... made me laugh!