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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things in the News

Been some interesting things in the news over the last week.  Have some comments on a few of them.  So, if you're interested, here we go:
  • The Democrats lost the senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy.  Shouldn't be that much of a surprise.  If memory serves right, seems like he had to struggle to win his last election.  Shows what happens when people take things for granted.  The Republican ran on the mantra the seat belongs to the people, not Ted Kennedy.  Have read the Dem didn't do a whole lot in the beginning cuz she thought she was a shoo-in for the seat cuz he did.  Time they figured out she wasn't, it was too late.  Guess people are still wanting change.  Politics are a lot like sports, the fan favorite is usually the guy sitting on the bench when they don't like what's happening on the field. (Independents are a fickle bunch) Even though the Republicans got rid of the supermajority, they still only have 41 votes.  Will be interesting to see how this affects President Obama's agenda and what happens later in the year during the mid-term elections;
  • The governor of our great state is agin legalizing casinos cuz he believes gamblin's immoral.  Alabama has set up a task force under his watch to get rid of illegal gambling in the state. Anyway, the head of the task force won $2,500 (legally) in a Mississippi casino last week and had to resign.  Guess it's wasn't immoral to him, anyway.  Yet another politician with the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do syndrome. Purty sad;
  • See where the president wants to tax banks to get the TARP money back from 'em.  Just have one question, where does he think they will get the money from?  That's right.  Most likely it will come from increased fees being paid by the customers and reduced interest being paid to the customers.  Banks move money, they don't create it;
  • Lots o' coverage about the Haiti earthquake, and rightly so.  However, won't be too long before Americans will reach their saturation point and start tuning it out.  Whenever I get onto CNN.com on my iPhone (which shows fewer stories), all the news stories are on the earthquake.  Not that there's anything wrong with continuous coverage, but there are other things going on in the world folks probably need to know about;
  • Saw where Danny Glover blamed global warming for the earthquake.  Read the article several times and still not sure what his angle was.  Said something about the earth warming caused the quake (hard to believe he really thinks that), but think mostly he was saying it was retribution for nothing getting accomplished in Copenhagen.  Can't help but wonder why he didn't get the same press Pat Robertson got for his comments.  Guess preachers are easier targets;
  • Favorite Facebook post over the weekend:  Romo on the ground, Romo on the ground, Looking like a fool with Romo on the ground!  (Thanks, Donnie P!)  Not sure if it was copied or original, but thought it was purty funny.  Picked all four games and got three of them wrong.  Guess that's why this ain't a sports blog, for the most part.  Any offers to pick against your favorite team this weekend?
Well, that's all the time have for now.  Just needed to get a few things out of me noodle.

As always, thanks for reading.  Added a new blog link over on the left-hand side.  Please feel free to check it out along with the others.  Hope you enjoy the daily quotes and useless knowledge at the top, too.

Peace out!

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