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Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Randomness

Well, hope everyone survived Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty nice. Went to eat at my parents this year cuz they bought the new condo. Managed to eat too much but had a good time. Anyway, got a few thoughts to throw out for public consumption this week.

And awaayyyyy we go:
  • Read Black Friday had more folks out this year but they bought less stuff. Interesting. Me and The Mrs were at HH Gregg at 3:30 Friday morning. First time I've been out on Black Friday in years. But, we were looking for something specific so we decided to get out amongst everyone. Found what we wanted and were in line by 4:20 to pay for our items. We finally got out around 6. Unbelievable. Went to our next stop and they had already sold out of what we were looking for. Figures. Ate at Waffle House then went home for a nap. Hope that will be my last Black Friday adventure for several more years to come;
  • Been halfway following the story about the folks crashing President Obama's big party last week. Purty scary stuff when you think about it. Here we've spent billions of dollars trying to increase our security across the nation, and two yahoos with TV cameras following them are allowed to meet the president with no questions asked, at least not until it was too late. Just as a reminder, no one would have suspected Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist by looking at him, either. Just sayin'...;
  • Have been following a story where some "prominent global warming" scientists in Great Britain have fessed up to not using information which does not support their theory. Have thought all along the "experts" have been using junk science. And, at least this group of bozos have been. Not saying all of them have, but it doesn't make any of them look good right now. Not sure what I think about global warming myself. Science has proven that the world's temperatures have always gone through cycles. Could be we are just going through a warming cycle. Not saying we aren't contributing to it, but hardly think the world is about to come to an end like AlGore and his followers want us to believe. Would be a little more concerned if we were breaking daily high temperature records every year from the last year. But, when you watch the weather, they always talk about how we broke a record from 1895, 1905, etc. Can still remember the headlines from the 70's which said we were about to enter another ice age. Just shows me that we don't control the weather, He does...;
  • All this stuff with Tiger Woods has been interesting...sort of. The injuries being described do not match the description of the crash in my opinion. When it first happened, told me wife he was probably running from his at the time. Might turn out to be true. This would go away if he would just come out and talk about it. Americans love to forgive their heroes. All they have to do is fess up. A-Rod fessed up and people (or some, anyway) love him again. Roger Clemons hasn't and he ain't a favorite like he used to be. Would think celebrities would learn from that. To be honest, since he wasn't killed or permanently maimed that we know of, could really care less about it. If he was cheating on his wife and she found out, that's between him and her. But, it's aggravating that every news network in the country is talking about it cuz he won't. Tiger, just be a man and fess up, for Pete's sake;
  • Will be curious to hear what we are going to do in Afghanistan. The Ruskies were there for 10 years with no success. Not sure why we think we will do any better. Fightin' in mountains ain't nothin' like fightin' in a desert. Too many places to hide. But, if we decide to stay, will support the decision and especially the troops who go there. Ultimately, agree we shouldn't just lie down and take it from these folks any more. Sometimes the alpha dog needs to bear its teeth to remind everyone who they are;
  • Hear Bobby Bowden will be "retiring" tomorrow. Not sure who's decision it really was, but sure have enjoyed watching the Seminoles play over the years. He brought a lot of innovations to college football. Always respected the fact that he would play anyone anywhere, even after the program had made it to the big stage. Will miss you, Coach Bowden;
  • Went with The Mrs to see The Blind Side last week. All the good stuff you've been hearing about the movie is true. It was AWESOME!!!! Highly recommend going to see it if you haven't already;
  • Got a map at the bottom which basically shows where folks are in the world when they look at my blog. Have noticed one from what looks like Great Britain several times in the last couple of weeks. Purty cool. Cheerio and all that stuff!

So, anyone have any interesting Black Friday stories they want to share? Any opinions about anything else? Comments are always welcome.

Y'all have a great week!

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