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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Gapses in the Synapses

Got a few quick-hit random thoughts to get out of my system. Here we go:
  • Les Miles, what were you thinking today? Can see why LSU fans get so aggravated with him. Brilliant genius in one game, not so much in another. Whew;
  • Bet all you Golden Domers are glad you gave Charlie Weis all those extra years after his first one, ain't ya? He's making the last coach look purty good, and they couldn't get him out of town fast enough;
  • This one will get me in trouble with my fellow Bama alums, but, with all due respect to Bear Bryant, it's time to retire all the houndstooth stuff. Yes, Bear Bryant was a great man, great coach, and the best thing that ever happened to the Capstone. However, this is the Nick Saban era, who, as far as I know, has absolutely no connections to Bear Bryant at all other than coaching at Alabama. Don't remember all this being around back in '92 when one of his boys coached the team to the national title. Not sure why it's coming out now and think it's shows some disrespect to Coach Saban. Maybe folks are trying to say he's the next Bear. Don't know. Am willing to hear arguments for keeping the stuff out there. You can leave a comment at the bottom or send an e-mail through the link in my profile;
  • Have seen a group on Facebook called "I Hate Gary Danielson." Not sure why it's on there. To each their own, I reckon. Personally think he's pretty good. There's many times when he'll say it's time for such and such play and then it happens. Purty amazing if you ask me. He's entitled to his opinions just like everyone else. For all my Bama buddies, he was one of the first I heard this year to talk about how good our team is. Just something to think about;
  • A FB post from a friend today said she played Bejeweled Blitz for the first time thinking she would be able to stop after one game. Silly lady! Thought the same thing myself as have many others. My wife has even told me on many occassions how stupid the game is, but she can't make herself quit playing, either. Think someone needs to start a BB Anonymous group on FB;
  • About once a week there's a show on Discover or the History Channel about someone trying to find Atlantis. Wonder why people can't accept the possibility Plato just made it up? Do they think people were incapable of creating science fiction back then? If this was a real place, seems like someone else would have been writing about it, too. Just sayin'...;
  • If anyone has seen 2012, saw an interview with a Mayan who said their calendar does NOT predict the end of the world. That's just when their calendar ends cuz it had to end somewhere. The Chinese calendar ends on the same date but haven't seen anything from them one way or the other. Anyway, my Bible says no one knows when the world will end other than God, and He's not sharing that info with anyone. So, I have my doubts the world will actually end on December 21, 2012;
  • Hit the 35 pound weight loss mark this week. Woohoooo!!!!!!! Still shootin' for 5 more. We'll see what happens;
  • Hotel California came on when my son and I were in the truck tonight. He asked if that was Paul McCartney singing. While I admire the fact my boy knows who Sir Paul is, don't really hear many similarities between him and Don Henley. Maybe it's just me...;
  • This week our cats have brought two moles and a mouse to us. Am impressed with their hunting prowess. My wife wishes they didn't feel the need to show off their prizes to us.

Y'all have a good one!

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